Men's Health

Who said essential oils were only for women? Even the manliest of men can benefit from the power of essential oils in their lives.


• A strong, healthy body can come in handy- take the LifeLong Vitality Pack daily for the essential nutrients and oils your body needs.
• Place two drops of Frankincense or Copaiba under your tongue daily, for cellular support
• Head tension? Apply some PastTense or Peppermint on your temples or neck for a comforting relief.
• No need to pound energy drinks; take some Mito2Max when you need an extra push for any type of physical activity.
• For toenail care, directly apply Melaleuca and Oregano at the edge of the nail two times daily.
• Love your facial hair? Use Root to Tip Serum to soothe and smooth facial skin and hair and promote hair growth
• Pop an On Guard or Peppermint beadlet throughout the day for refreshing, immune boosting, oral health support
Take TerraZyme with every meal to promote healthy digestion, especially after eating a protein-heavy meal.
• Get some handsome sleep by applying Lavender, Serenity or Cedarwood to the bottom of feet before bedtime.
• Making noises in the middle of the night? Diffuse Breathe and apply to the chest.
• Smell great wherever you go. Apply Balance and Cedarwood with Fractionated Coconut oils to your face and neck after you shave.


• Rub 2-3 drops of Balance on the bottom of your feet before starting your day. Apply on pendent, charm or essential oil bracelet.
• Calm times of hormonal tension and discomfort with 1 drop of Whisper on temples and inner wrists.


• Apply Lavender Touch or Frankincense Touch over your heart. Massage in gently.
• Apply Peace Touch or Console Touch behind the ears and on wrists throughout the day to help maintain emotional balance


• Take 1 ADAPTIV capsule in the morning
• Take 1 Copaiba capsule in the morning
• Roll-on Adaptiv Touch to your reflex points and in palm of hand throughout the day
• Diffuse 3-4 drops of ADAPTIV daily