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Each year millions of people try essential oils and aromatherapy for the first time.

For the past decade essential oils have seen a huge shift from being an outside-mainstream product to something that almost every major retailer carries and millions of households enjoy.

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Flexible. Build your way

doTERRA provides it's Wellness Advocates and Affiliates an immense opportunity to build in whatever way works best for them. There are no limitations or restrictions.

  • Build online via websites, blogs and stores
  • Teach classes online or in person
  • Promote the products at fairs and events
  • Enroll new customers and distributors under you
  • Sell products retail and earn profits
  • Build doTERRA worldwide from day one
  • Advertise online or locally


Minimum Requirements

doTERRA doesn't require much, but as a Wellness Advocate or Affiliate, you should order at least 100 PV on the Loyalty Rewards Program each month. This is required to guarantee you receive any and all commissions due to you.


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Getting Started Quick Guide

What can I earn in doTERRA?

doTERRA offers a generous compensation plan with many ways to earn. From day one you can start building and earning. Video: Simple Explanation of doTERRA Compensation Plan. See Average Annual Earnings:

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Partner with us!

We are Paul and Delmar Ahlstrom from Orlando, Florida. We are Presidential Diamonds in doTERRA and have been happily business our business worldwide for over 12 years.

We are profoundly grateful to those who first introduced us to the oils. It has changed our life in a way we could never have imagined.

  • Our mission is to pay it forward. We love helping others get started using the oils and love even more helping new builders to launch.
  • You get our full support. We'll work directly with you from the beginning and onward. We want to create fun, memorable, lasting relationship of friendship with all those we partner with.
  • We're looking for great people to partner with, where we can dedicate our time, talents and resources to building this business.

ENROLL NOW and become a part of our team!

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