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Home Essential Oils is the #1 doTERRA Certified Retail Site. Purchasing from us is just like purchasing from doTERRA, however with us you get free shipping, bigger selection, better prices and an easier shopping experinece. Plus, no membership required.

Give us a try today! All products sold are genunine, sealed and backed by the same great doTERRA guarantee we've come to count on.Get 5% off your first order with us when you join our mailing list.

Why do customers love shopping with us?


Does Home Essential Oils offer the same prices as doTERRA?
Yes, we offer the same retail prices. We also offer the option to setup a doTERRA wholesale membership and shop 25% off today and year-round. Membership is free through our link.

Does doTERRA allow other sites to sell their products?
Yes, as long as they are approved and certified by doTERRA. Having other  sites sell doTERRA products helps to reach a wider audience of customers.

Does Home Essential Oils guarantee their sales?
Yes, all products all 100% guaranteed just as if purchased from doTERRA. If you're not happy with your purchase, contact us so we can make it right.

How does Home Essential Oils have some products in stock that doTERRA does not?
We stock our own inventory of products, essential oils and other exclusive limited time offers that doTERRA may no longer have in stock.

Where do the products ship from?
Our products ship from various approved distribution centers around the U.S.A