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Join doTERRA as a wholesale customer between May 1 - 31 with 200 PV or more and get Citrus Bliss, Island Mint and Sunny Citrus 15 mL free!!


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  1. Click Join doTERRA
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  3. Create your account
  4. Process your order

Use your account any time to purchase more products at wholesale. There are no obligations associated with a membership, just shop whenever and however you want at doterra.com.

Membership Fee

There is a one time membership fee of $35, but it can easily be waived by purchasing any doTERRA Starter Kit or ordering at least 150 PV with your initial order. Renew annually for only $25. Renewals include a free 15ml peppermint oil.

What does PV stand for?

PV stands for Product Value. Every product has a $ amount and a PV amount. Most of the time 1 PV = about $1. For example, a lemon oil costs $13 and also has a PV of 13.

    doTERRA Starter Kits

    Do I have to buy a Starter Kit?

    No, you can join doTERRA by selecting any individual products of your choice, but if you purchase a Starter Kit your your membership fee with be waived.

    doTERRA has put together several great kits that come with an amazing selection of products and big bundled savings.

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    Membership Extras

    doTERRA Living Magazine

    Receive a free doTERRA Living Magazine with your enrollment, which features informative articles about wellness habits, essential oil science, recipes, DIYs and more!  

    doTERRA Essential Oil Classes

    After you enroll, you'll receive by email, several free online classes and courses to help you get started learning how to use your essential oils and products. Watch the videos while you're waiting for your order to arrive!

    Online Classes

    • I have my oils, now what?
    • Nutrition and Supplements
    • Toxic Free Living
    • Oils for Every Age
    • Essential Skin Care
    • Stress, Sleep and Emotions
    • Women's Health and Hormones
    • Essential oils and Pain

    Self Guided Courses

    • Natural Home Edit Course
    • Essential Oil Safety Course
    • Essential Oil Specialist Certification

    doTERRA Resources

    You'll also get access to many great resources to help you stay up to date on the latest education, research and amazing ways to use your oils.

    • Podcasts
    • eBooks
    • Facebook Community Group
    • YouTube Channel
    • Blogs
    • Events

    Frequently Asked Questions


    + How much does it cost to become a doTERRA member?

    doTERRA membership is free if you choose any one of doTERRA's six enrollment kits. If you choose to create your own kit, you'll pay the $35 membership fee.

    + How long does my doTERRA membership last?

    Your wholesale membership lasts for 1 year. You have the option to renew each year for only $25. Each time you renew, you'll receive a free 15 ml bottle of Peppermint essential oil.

    + What's the difference between a doTERRA Wholesale Customer and Wellness Advocate?

    They are both essential the same, except the Wellness Advocate can also sell and enroll others in doTERRA, therefore earning commissions. A wholesale customer can upgrade to a Wellness Advocate anytime. There is no cost to upgrade or being a Wellness Advocate. View more detail about the membership types.


    + How long does it take to enroll in doTERRA?

    If you know what oils you want, probably only about 5 minutes. If you're not sure what to get first, contact us and we'll help you choose the right oils for you or watch this 16 minute Intro to Essential Oils Class.

    + Can I add additional products to my doTERRA enrollment kit?

    Yes, after you select your kit you can add any number of additional items to your order. You can not remove items from enrollment kits, they must come as packaged.

    + How long will it take to receive my doTERRA order?

    Usually about 3 to 5 business days. doTERRA ships out your order the next business day, then depending on which shipping method you choose, your order will arrive according to the estimated delivery time.

    + Can I buy doTERRA products outside the U.S.?

    Yes, you can order products directly from doTERRA, at wholesale prices, from almost any country in the world. Click here to learn more.


    + How do I order after I enroll in doTERRA?

    After you enroll, you'll receive an email from doTERRA confirming your account setup is complete. Simply log into doterra.com with your email and password and place any order you need. You'll always shop at wholesale prices.

    + Do I have to order each month?

    No, you can order when you want. Most doTERRA members participate in the monthly Loyalty Rewards Program when ordering because they earn reward points they can later redeem for free products of their choice.

    + How do I earn and doTERRA reward points?

    Every time you shop in doTERRA, you'll earn reward points. There are two ways you can shop and earn:

    1. One-Time Order: Earn 50% of shipping costs back in reward points
    2. Loyalty Rewards Program: Earn 100% of shipping costs back in reward points, an additional 10-30% of your order back in reward points and the Free Product of the Month.

    Redeeming your reward points for free products is easy. Choose the products you want for free, it's up to you!

    I got my oils, now what?

    + Which essential oil usage guides should I use?

    You should receive a guide from doTERRA with your enrollment, but there are many other guides outside of doTERRA to consider.
    1. Reference Guides
    2. Phone Apps
    These guides will provide you with direct health issue to oil usage recommendations. doTERRA also puts out a semi-annual magazine you can purchase.

    + Where can I go to learn more about my oils online?

    There are an endless number of online resources you can tap into. You can find doTERRA essential oil help on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You may also want to check out:
    1. Free doTERRA eBooks collection
    2. Free doTERRA Podcasts, Oil Oasis and Empower Life Webinars

    + Does doTERRA have continuing education?

    Yes, when you enroll in doTERRA from this page, you'll receive a special invite to participate in 8 continuing education classes free of cost. You may also want to:
    1. Earn your Essential Oil Specialist Certification
    2. Attend a local event or the Global doTERRA convention
    3. Go on a Co-Impact Sourcing Trip


    + Do I have to selling doTERRA essential oils after I enroll?

    No, there is no obligation to sell any oil or enroll anyone in doTERRA.

    + Can I sell doTERRA oils and products?

    Yes, in order to sell the oils, choose to enroll as a Wellness Advocate membership type. This will require you to enter your SSN for tax purposes. You'll receive a free business website you can use to promote and sell the product or you can sell in person or on any store shelf. doTERRA recommends selling at the suggested retail price.

    + Can I enroll others in doTERRA?

    Yes, in order to enroll others in doTERRA, choose to enroll as a Wellness Advocate membership type. This will require you to enter your SSN for tax purposes. You'll be able to immediately start enrolling others and building your doTERRA business.

    There's no monthly fee or inventory to purchase. Reach out to us so we can best guide you how to effectively share the oils with others and build your doTERRA business.


    Got questions?

    Contact us and we'll reach out to you right away.