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When you join doTERRA as a wholesale member you'll start shopping right away with a 25% discount on all essential oils and products. Shop anytime. No obligations. Membership last for one year.

Membership Renewal: You can renew your membership annually for only $25. Each renewal comes with a free 15ml Peppermint essential oil.


Save 25%

Other Membership Benefits

  • Earn 50-100% of your shipping costs back in Reward Points
  • Earn the free Product of the Month plus an additional 10-30% back in Reward Points when shopping through doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Access to exclusive monthly promos

*You must be at least 18 years old to join. Shipping to over 50 countries.

Why join doTERRA through our referral site?

When you join doTERRA through our referral link, we'll send you back a little love with some extra goodies, education and support to help you get off to a great start with the oils.

Plus, we'll be there along the way to help with any thing you need.

8 Wellness Education Classes
New Member Welcome Box
Wellness Consult

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March Enrollment Promo

doTERRA March Promo

When you enroll in doTERRA between March 1 and 31, you'll have a chance to earn a free Citrus Bliss or Adaptiv Blend and Citrus Bliss.

How to Earn

  • Enroll with 100 - 299 PV and earn a free Citrus Bliss
  • Enroll with 300 PV + and earn a free Citrus Bliss and Adaptiv Blend

At Checkout Apply Promo Code: USDC121VNH

*Must enroll through this link to earn the promotion


Top 5 Questions Before Joining
+ How much does it cost to join doTERRA?

Membership is free if you purchase a Starter Kit with your initial order. Otherwise there is a one-time $35 membership fee. You may renew your membership annually for only $25. All renewals receive a free peppermint essential oil (15 ml).

+ Do I have to buy something every month?

No, but most people do because they're using their products and need something each month anyways. dōTERRA has the perfect monthly shopping program called the Loyalty Rewards Program that earns you 10-30% back in reward points every time you shop.

+ Do I have to sell oils or sign-up people?

No, but you can if you wish. There's a great need and opportunity to share the essential oils with others. doTERRA is an amazing business opportunity unlike any other. If you'd like to learn how to do it, contact us.

+ What type of account should I choose?

There are two membership account types.

Wholesale Customer: Someone who just wants to shop and save. You can upgrade to a Wellness Advocate any time.

Wellness Advocate: Someone who wants to shop and save, but also build a dōTERRA business. SSN or Tax ID will be required. After you enroll, contact us so we can help you get started.

+ Can I become a doTERRA member if I live outside the U.S.?

Yes! Join from over 40 countries and shop at 25% off plus enjoy all other membership benefits. doTERRA delivers directly to your home. Learn more.


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Steps to Join dōTERRA
Step 1. Select a Starter Kit

Add a starter kit or individual products to your cart. View the Starter Kit options:

+ Simple Solutions Kit  $105 *favorite four

Retail: $140.00
Wholesale: $105
PV: 70

The simplest way for everyone to enjoy the benefits of a few of dōTERRA’s favorite essential oils, blends and personal care products.

Kit Includes (4) Products:
dōTERRA Deep Blue Rub, Lemon, On Guard & Serenity (15 mL bottles), plus the Simple Solutions Kit Guide.

Simple Solutions Kit Guide

+ Healthy Start Kit  $160 *top ten oils

Retail: $213.33
Wholesale: $160
PV: 100

dōTERRA's Top 10 essential oils combined with a beautiful Brevi stone diffuser to help you enjoy your oils throughout your home.

Kit Includes (11) Products:
Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue, Breathe, DigestZen and On Guard (5 mL bottles). Brevi Stone Diffuser, plus the Healthy Start Kit Guide.

Healthy Start Kit Guide

+ Healthy Habits Kit  $195 *daily routine

Retail: $260.00
Wholesale: $195
PV: 125

Wellness is a combination of healthy habits and good lifestyle choices. This kit includes products recommended for daily use in order to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Kit Includes (11) Products:
(5 mL bottles) On Guard, Balance, Frankincense, Lemon, and Lavender. Deep Blue Rub, Lifelong Vitality Pack (xEO Mega, Alpha CRS+, Microplex VMz), TerraZyme and PB Assist+, plus the Healthy Habits Kit Guide.

Healthy Habits Kit Guide

+ Healthy Essentials Kit  $249 *best of best

Retail: $332.00
Wholesale: $249
PV: 200

The perfect combination of essential oils, diffuser and doTERRA proprietary blends to meet all of your family's essential health needs.

Kit Includes (11) Products:
(15 mL bottles) Adaptiv, Balance, Breathe, Copaiba, DigestZen, Lavender, Lemon, OnGuard, and Peppermint. (5 mL) Deep Blue. Petal 2.0 Diffuser, plus the Healthy Essentials Kit Guide.

Healthy Essentials Kit Guide

+ Healthy Home Kit  $350 *transform home

Retail: $466.67
Wholesale: $350
PV: 250

Help keep your family healthy and your home clean with this powerful multipurpose kit of essential oils and essential oil infused products.

Kit Includes (18) Products:
(15 mL bottles) Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Tea Tree (Melaleuca), Oregano, Peppermint, Breathe, DigestZen, and On Guard. Deep Blue (5mL). (On Guard Products) Sanitizing Mist Spray, Cleaner Concentrate, Foaming Hand Wash, Dispenser, Natural Whitening Toothpaste. Brevi Stone Diffuser, (Salon Essentials) Protecting Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner, plus the Healthy Home Kit Guide.

Healthy Home Kit Guide

+ Natural Solutions Kit  $570 *life makeover

Retail: $760.00
Wholesale: $570
PV: 400

Experience the combined power of doTERRA essential oils and products. A perfect kit to assist with healthy living goals and to boost vitality. A selection of doTERRA's best selling oils and products so you can reinvent your health naturally in one swoop.

Kit Includes (33) Products:
(10 mL bottle) PastTense, (15 mL bottles) Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, On Guard, Frankincense, Tea Tree (Melaleuca), Wild Orange, Balance, DigestZen, AromaTouch, Serenity, Breathe. (On Guard Products) Beadlets, Natural Whitening Toothpaste, Foaming Hand Wash, 2 Dispensers, Mouth Wash, Sanitizing Mist Spray, On Guard+ Softgels. Lifelong Vitality Pack, TerraZyme, Deep Blue Rub, Fractionated Coconut Oil, (Salon Essentials) Protecting Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner. Lumo Diffuser, Spa Hand & Body Lotion, Wooden Box, Breathe Vapor Stick, Correct-X, PB Assist+, plus the Natural Solutions Kit Instructions.

Natural Solutions Kit Guide


Step 2. Create Your Account

Fill in your personal details, including your name, contact information, and shipping address. Select an account type and create your account password.

Step 3. Checkout

Enter your payment info and process order. Congratulations! You're now a doTERRA wholesale member! For all futures purchase, you'll log into account at doterra.com with your email and password and order directly from doTERRA.

Join doTERRA

New Member Welcome Box!

Receive a special Welcome Box with your membership, filled with helpful guides and goodies to assist you getting started! Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

doTERRA Welcome Kit

Wellness Education Classes

Receive 8 FREE Wellness Education classes (a $200 value) with your membership. Greatly broaden your knowledge and application of the oils. Classes will be emailed to you within 2 days. Watch all eight and earn a special gift.

Take a sneak peak!

  1. I have my oils, now what?
  2. Nutrition and Supplements
  3. Toxic Free Living
  4. Oils for Every Age
  5. Essential Skin Care
  6. Stress, Sleep and Emotions
  7. Women's Health and Hormones
  8. Essential Oils and Pain

Wellness Consult

After you've joined as a doTERRA member, we'll contact you to see if you'd like to schedule a Wellness Consult. During the Wellness Consult we'll go over each of your oils and product you purchase and help create a daily routine you can use to help you achieve the health goals that are important to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions


+ How much does it cost to become a doTERRA member?

doTERRA membership is free if you choose any one of doTERRA's six enrollment kits. If you choose to create your own kit, you'll pay the $35 membership fee.

+ How long does my doTERRA membership last?

Your wholesale membership lasts for 1 year. You have the option to renew each year for only $25. Each time you renew, you'll receive a free 15 ml bottle of Peppermint essential oil.

+ What's the difference between a doTERRA Wholesale Customer and Wellness Advocate?

They are both essential the same, except the Wellness Advocate can also sell and enroll others in doTERRA, therefore earning commissions. A wholesale customer can upgrade to a Wellness Advocate anytime. There is no cost to upgrade or being a Wellness Advocate. View more detail about the membership types.


+ How long does it take to enroll in doTERRA?

If you know what oils you want, probably only about 5 minutes. If you're not sure what to get first, contact us and we'll help you choose the right oils for you or watch this 16 minute Intro to Essential Oils Class.

+ Can I add additional products to my doTERRA enrollment kit?

Yes, after you select your kit you can add any number of additional items to your order. You can not remove items from enrollment kits, they must come as packaged.

+ How long will it take to receive my doTERRA order?

Usually about 3 to 5 business days. doTERRA ships out your order the next business day, then depending on which shipping method you choose, your order will arrive according to the estimated delivery time.

+ Can I buy doTERRA products outside the U.S.?

Yes, you can order products directly from doTERRA, at wholesale prices, from almost any country in the world. Click here to learn more.


+ How do I order after I enroll in doTERRA?

After you enroll, you'll receive an email from doTERRA confirming your account setup is complete. Simply log into doterra.com with your email and password and place any order you need. You'll always shop at wholesale prices.

+ Do I have to order each month?

No, you can order when you want. Most doTERRA members participate in the monthly Loyalty Rewards Program when ordering because they earn reward points they can later redeem for free products of their choice.

+ How do I earn and doTERRA reward points?

Every time you shop in doTERRA, you'll earn reward points. There are two ways you can shop and earn:

1. One-Time Order: Earn 50% of shipping costs back in reward points
2. Loyalty Rewards Program: Earn 100% of shipping costs back in reward points, an additional 10-30% of your order back in reward points and the Free Product of the Month.

Redeeming your reward points for free products is easy. Choose the products you want for free, it's up to you!

I got my oils, now what?

+ Which essential oil usage guides should I use?

You should receive a guide from doTERRA with your enrollment, but there are many other guides outside of doTERRA to consider.
1. Reference Guides
2. Phone Apps
These guides will provide you with direct health issue to oil usage recommendations. doTERRA also puts out a semi-annual magazine you can purchase.

+ Where can I go to learn more about my oils online?

There are an endless number of online resources you can tap into. You can find doTERRA essential oil help on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You may also want to check out:
1. Free doTERRA eBooks collection
2. Free doTERRA Podcasts, Oil Oasis and Empower Life Webinars

+ Does doTERRA have continuing education?

Yes, when you enroll in doTERRA from this page, you'll receive a special invite to participate in 8 continuing education classes free of cost. You may also want to:
1. Earn your Essential Oil Specialist Certification
2. Attend a local event or the Global doTERRA convention
3. Go on a Co-Impact Sourcing Trip


+ Do I have to selling doTERRA essential oils after I enroll?

No, there is no obligation to sell any oil or enroll anyone in doTERRA.

+ Can I sell doTERRA oils and products?

Yes, in order to sell the oils, choose to enroll as a Wellness Advocate membership type. This will require you to enter your SSN for tax purposes. You'll receive a free business website you can use to promote and sell the product or you can sell in person or on any store shelf. doTERRA recommends selling at the suggested retail price.

+ Can I enroll others in doTERRA?

Yes, in order to enroll others in doTERRA, choose to enroll as a Wellness Advocate membership type. This will require you to enter your SSN for tax purposes. You'll be able to immediately start enrolling others and building your doTERRA business.

There's no monthly fee or inventory to purchase. Reach out to us so we can best guide you how to effectively share the oils with others and build your doTERRA business.



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