How to Become a doTERRA Member

doTERRA Member

Becoming a doTERRA member is simple and fast.

As a member you'll get 25% off all products, access to exclusive member-only promotions, doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program and many more benefits.

Obligations? None, zip, nada.

Join doTERRA for free with the purchase of any Enrollment Kit or pay the $35 one-time membership fee and create your own kit.

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Join doTERRA in 3 Easy Steps

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Choose an Enrollment Kit Account Information Checkout

Choose from six doTERRA enrollment kits or create your own. Get wholesale pricing on your first purchase, plus the $35 membership fee is waived.

Add any additional items to your kit as desired.

Fill in your personal info and shipping address.

Most new members start as Wholesale Customers. Select Wellness Advocate if you'd also like to share the oils with others and earn an income.

Enter payment info and process order.

You'll receive an email with a link to your doTERRA account. You'll be able to order products at wholesale prices and join the Loyalty Rewards Program.

April Enrollment Promo

Receive a Free Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend with any enrollment of 100 PV or more. Just send us a quick message, and we'll get right back to you with the instructions and promo code.

doTERRA Citrus Bliss

What does PV mean?  PV stands for "Point Value". All doTERRA products and kits have a PV. Typically, 1 PV equals about $1.

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doTERRA Enrollment Kits. Choose one

1. Simple Solutions Kit *favorite four

doTERRA Simple Solutions Kit

Retail: $140.00
Wholesale: $105
PV: 70

The simplest way for everyone to enjoy the benefits of a few of dōTERRA’s favorite essential oils, blends and personal care products.

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2. Healthy Start Kit *top ten oils

doTERRA Healthy Start Kit

Retail: $213.33
Wholesale: $160
PV: 100

doTERRA's Top 10 essential oils combined with a beautiful Brevi stone diffuser to help you enjoy your oils throughout your home.

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3. Healthy Habits Kit *daily health

doTERRA Healthy Habits Kit

Retail: $260.00
Wholesale: $195
PV: 125

Wellness is a combination of healthy habits and good lifestyle choices. This kit includes products recommended for daily use in order to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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4. Healthy Essentials Kit *new

Retail: $332.00
Wholesale: $249
PV: 200

Wellness is a combination of healthy habits and good lifestyle choices. This kit includes products recommended for daily use in order to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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5. Healthy Home Kit *top products

doTERRA Healthy Home Kit

Retail: $466.67
Wholesale: $350
PV: 250

Help keep your family healthy and your home clean with this powerful multipurpose kit of essential oils and essential oil infused products.

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6. Natural Solutions Kit *best value

doTERRA Natural Solutions Kit

Retail: $760.00
Wholesale: $570
PV: 400

Experience the combined power of doTERRA essential oils and products. A perfect kit to assist with healthy living goals and to boost vitality. A selection of doTERRA's best selling oils and products so you can reinvent your health naturally in one swoop.

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Create Your Own Kit *select anything

Create your own doTERRA Kit

How to create your own enrollment kit. When enrolling, choose to shop "Individual Products" instead of selecting a kit. You'll be able to add any items you wish to your order. The $35 one-time membership fee will be applied to your cart at checkout. (There is no membership fee when purchasing one of the enrollment kits above)


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New Member Bonus!

Join doTERRA through the link above and also receive a special Welcome Kit from us with some great guides and useful goodies to help you get started using your oils. Enroll with at least 100 PV to qualify.

Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for delivery.

doTERRA Welcome Kit

What is a doTERRA Membership?

Think "Costco", but much better! You'll receive wholesale pricing on all doTERRA products which is a 25% savings just to start.

Shop when you want. Shop how you want.

How do I order more after I enroll?

Once you enroll, you'll have your own doTERRA account and be able to order wholesale anytime online or by phone.

Member Ordering Options

  • One-Time Order: Place any single order, anytime.
  • Loyalty Rewards Program: Join the optional monthly shopping program and earn an additional 10-30% of your order back + 100% of shipping costs back in reward points. Redeem for free products of your choice.

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