doTERRA Affiliate Program

Does doTERRA have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, as of May 2022, doTERRA launched an affiliate program. The doTERRA Affiliate Program offers a simple and continuous way of earning residual income without the added responsibilities of recruiting or managing a team. Just share your link and let customers shop.

  • Simple Compensation. Earn a generous 20% commission on all sales, all the time.
  • No Team Management. No recruiting a team, just share the products you love and invite others to shop from your link.
  • Residual Income. Create a network of happy customers and enjoy continuous and unlimited residual income.

Who should join?

If you love doTERRA essential oils and products and have a passion for helping others live a lifestyle of natural health and wellness too, join us! This opportunity is available to individuals, businesses and organizations.

Application Deadline

The doTERRA Affiliate Program closes to new applicants: Extended until February 3, 2023. The program may open again at a later time. Please apply and enroll before deadline.

doTERRA Affiliate Program Sales 


  • Must live in the U.S. or Canada
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have a valid SSN or Tax ID

Don't live in the U.S. or Canada? Join the doTERRA Wellness Advocate Program.



  • Enroll as a doTERRA Affiliate with a purchase of at least 100 PV in products
  • Purchase at least 100 PV in products each month afterwards

What is PV?
  PV stands for Product Value. 1 PV equals approximately $1 USD.
Can I cancel?  You may pause the program any time. Commissions are calculated on a month to month basis.

How it works

As a doTERRA Affiliate you receive a free personalized website you can easily share with others online or in person. As people shop through your site you earn.

Include a link to your site in emails, texts, social media posts, videos, websites, print materials and more! It's fast, easy and flexible.

There are no limits to the number of times or places you can promote your site and the links never expire.


    Earn 20% from all customer purchases.  As customers shop through your affiliate site you'll earn 20% from their initial purchase and all future purchases too. There are no minimum or maximum limits

    Ready to build quickly? Want to boost your earnings?  Choose a Fast Track Option to significantly boost your earnings for the first 6 months as you start building your doTERRA business and meeting monthly goals.


    doTERRA Affiliate Program Earnings


    Free Resources

    • Personalized website
    • Link generator tool
    • Product and social media ready image library
    • Business toolbox
    • Business trainings
    • Product education
    • Mentorship and support



      When you become a doTERRA Affiliate with us you'll be enrolling with a dedicated team of doTERRA leaders that will support, train and guide you towards success!


      doTERRA Paul and Delmar Ahlstrom

      How to join the doTERRA Affiliate Program

      Step 1: Fill out the form below

      Step 2: Receive an email with instructions how to join

      Step 3: Complete the enrollment process

      Step 4: Schedule an Affiliate Orientation


      Affiliate Orientation

      After completing your enrollment, we'll schedule an Affiliate Orientation. We'll meet by Zoom for 30-45 minutes to complete the affiliate setup and go over the basics to getting started.

      We'll also talk about your business goals and schedule a second orientation to create a strategy and support to help you reach them quickly and successfully.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      + When are commissions paid?

      Commissions are paid out on a weekly and monthly basis. You can set up a direct deposit to receive the payouts directly to your bank account. The percentage earned does not fluctuate across time or volume of sales. There are no minimum sales quotas or payout caps.

      + Can Affiliates earn more than Wellness Advocates?

      Affiliates earn from a different compensation plan than Wellness Advocates. Each program has its own benefits, however affiliates typically earn significantly more during the start of phase of their business.

      + Can I change to a Wellness Advocate later?

      Yes, at any time, if you feel it would be in your best interest, you can switch to the Wellness Advocate Program. Once you make the switch, you can not go back. Also, after making the switch, you'll have the opportunity to reorganize your entire team structure up to 5000 in volume.

      + How do I enroll new doTERRA members under me?

      Using your free doTERRA business site you can manually enroll a new member under you or you can send the enrollment link to them and they can enroll themselves under you automatically. When new members enroll, they can pick any products or start kit they want. 

      + How much does it cost to enroll?

      New affiliates need to enroll with 100 PV or more. 100 PV equals about $100 USD or more, depending which products you purchase. Enrollment is free with the purchase of any starter kit or 150 PV in products. Otherwise a one-time $35 enrollment fee will be added to your purchase. During enrollment and all times afterwards, you will be shopping at wholesale prices. Regular doTERRA members can enroll with whatever PV amount they wish, there is no requirement like Affiliates.

      + Do new members have to order each month?

      Regular doTERRA members do not have to order each month. They can join the Loyalty Rewards Program if they wish and earn rewards, but it is not required. Affiliates do need to order at least 100 PV each month in order to get paid.

      Join the doTERRA Affiliate Program

      Fill out the form below to become a doTERRA Affiliate. You'll receive an email with detailed instructions how to get started.