doTERRA Wellness Advocate

doTERRA Wellness Advocate

doTERRA Wellness Advocate


Why Build a doTERRA Business?


Exclusive and unrivaled products. No fillers or adulterations. Rigorous in-house and third-party testing. Certified Pure Tested Grade® quality and purity standard. Wide variety of product lines.


Largest essential oil company in the world. Became a $2 billion company in just 14 years. Part of the $4.2 trillion wellness market. More than 15 millions customers. Sales in more than 110 countries. Impressive 65% customer retention!


Essential oils sourced from more than 45 countries. dōTERRA pays growers fairly and preserves agricultural knowledge through Cō-Impact Sourcing initiatives. dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® empowers communities worldwide to be healthy, safe, and self-reliant.


Wellness Advocates share and promote doTERRA products through any number of ways including classes, fairs, social media, blogs, websites, sampling, services, consultations, retail and more. As customers enroll through your referral link and set up their own membership, you earn and reach bonuses.


* 1 PV equals about $1 USD.

Compensation Plan

Wellness Advocates earn bonuses from the Compensation Plan. They also participate in yearly incentive trips, founders clubs and other opportunities. Download the doTERRA Build Guide for compensation plan details or watch the instructional video below.

    How To Get Started


    • Shop for any products or kit you want. Order should total at least 100 PV
    • Enter your personal and shipping information
    • Checkout


    After enrolling through the link above, you'll receive an email with an invite to schedule a complimentary business orientation during which you'll meet your mentors, discuss business plans, and receive training on important business tools and the compensation plan.

    Your Upline Mentors and Sponsors

    We're so excited to have you as a part of our team! We look forward to training, mentoring, and supporting you along this incredible journey. Our intention is not only to support you building a successful business, but also to develop a  lasting relationship of friendship, fun, and service.

    Learn more about us in the doTERRA Leadership Magazine.

    doTERRA Paul and Delmar Ahlstrom

    Delmar and Paul Ahlstrom
    doTERRA Presidential Diamonds
    U.S. Founders 2.0
    North America Latino Founders

    *We train and sponsor Wellness Advocates from around the world, so where ever you live, we'll help you grow where you're planted. Hablamos español también.


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