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Deep Blue Oil and Rub

If you take a look at the Deep Blue Product Line, you might be surprised by the number of ways that this blend is offered. So, how do you know which one you need? All are meant for soothing the body, but each has a different appeal.

Deep Blue Blend

Deep Blue Oil

The Original Blend. The 5 mL bottle of Deep Blue Soothing Blend contains quite a few essential oils. These include Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Osmanthus oils.

This is your best option when you want a more intense way to soothe tired muscles and bones. It has an immediate tingling and warming effect on the skin. We recommend using it for more intense soothing of the body. You can also dilute it with Fractionated Coconut Oil to your level of comfort.

Also available in:

  • Deep Blue Roll-on
    Same as the 5 mL version, but just in a 10 mL roll-on bottle.
  • Deep Blue Touch Roll-on
    Delivers Deep Blue in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil and roll-on bottle. Perfect for those with sensitive skin or children.

Deep Blue Rub

Deep Blue Rub

The Athlete and Massage Therapist’s Friend. A long-time doTERRA favorite, Deep Blue Rub contains all the oils found in Deep Blue with the addition of Eucalyptus leaf oil. It delivers the oils in a rich topical cream with the added benefit of moisturizing ingredients. If you already love the blend, the rub is an excellent way to utilize it.

Putting Deep Blue Rub on your skin will give you a comforting sensation that is both cooling and warming. The cream gives you the ability to cover a larger area in a way just as powerful, but a little less strong than Deep Blue oil on its own. If you do want a more intensive treatment, you are welcome to apply the Soothing Blend to your skin first, and then layer the Deep Blue Rub over the top of the area.

Also available in:

Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex

Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex

For the internal benefits of the Deep Blue line, look no further than the Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex. While you can’t take the Deep Blue oil blend internally, the complex gets its name from the benefits it brings that are similar to the essential oil blend.

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