How does doTERRA BOGO Week Work?


How to shop the BOGO box

With one click, purchase all BOGO deals of the entire week, therefore saving you time and shipping costs. You can still purchase individually daily BOGO offers as you need.

How to shop the daily BOGO deals

Each day of the week check out that days BOGO deal. Daily BOGOs are valid for that day only and expire at midnight. You may purchase multiple quantities of each daily BOGO if you wish!

Below are daily deal examples: 

Day 1

Buy Adaptiv and get Ylang Ylang free! Between the gentle aroma of Adaptiv and the soothing aroma of Ylang Ylang, this BOGO is sure to keep your space feeling calm and collected.

BOGO November 16


Day 2

Buy Peppermint and get Breathe Touch free! Fresh, airy, and cooling, Peppermint and dōTERRA Breathe Touch are the perfect combo to have on hand. Stock up for the winter season and enjoy the powerful effects in your home. 

November 17 BOGO


Day 3

Buy Copaiba and get Air-X free! Air-X was created with aromatic use specifically in mind. The aroma is intensely citrusy with faint woody and herbal tones. In addition to helping freshen the air, the blend can have a calming and energizing aroma when inhaled.

BOGO Nov 18 Air-X


Day 4

Buy Northern Escape and get Siberian Fir free! Northern Escape makes you feel alive. The rush of everyday life is forgotten as you breathe in the fragrant forest and fresh green aroma of dōTERRA Northern Escape.



Day 5

Last BOGO for the year and it's a great one, buy On Guard and get Oregano free. Limit 5 per account while supplies last.

BOGO doterra november 20



+ How many BOGOs can I buy?

Each BOGO has a limited supply, so limits may be placed on how many you can buy per order. Check the details of each BOGO for more information.

+ Do I have to be a wholesale member to purchase a BOGO?

No, you can purchase a BOGO a a retail customer or a wholesale member. Wholesale members save 25% on all their purchases for life. You can create your wholesale account and purchase a BOGO as part of your initial order. Learn how to become a wholesale member.

+ What if I miss a BOGO?

BOGO orders must be placed on the day of the BOGO, otherwise the offer is invalid The doTERRA BOGO Box is only available for a limited time at the start of the BOGO week.


+ How does doTERRA pick which BOGO deal to offer?

doTERRA picks the BOGO oils with you in mind. They include perennial favorites like Peppermint and Lavender, exclusive limited products like Red Mandarin and Clementine, and specialized oils like TerraShield and Roman Chamomile. This gives you a broad range of products to experience and enjoy. doTERRA loves to surprise too!.

+ How do I know when the next BOGO will be?

We announce BOGOs on all the social media channels, through email, and also on our website. If you follow us on Facebook or Pinterest - or if you are signed up to receive email notifications (See page footer)—then you won’t miss it!

+ How long will it take to receive my order?

Usually 4 to 5 business days. Please allow for extra time as BOGO week can sometimes create delays in shipping to do high demand.