doTERRA BOGO Week - July 2020


Get ready for BOGO weeks! (That’s right, plural.) This July, BOGOs will be a little different. Instead of BOGOs happening all in just one week, they’ll actually be split across two weeks.

  • July 20 to July 22
  • July 27 to July 29

This will provide you with more access to even more BOGOs than ever before. Announcements will be made each day about the BOGO offers and how to get them. For now, sit back, relax, and get ready to bring on the BOGOs!

What's a BOGO? BOGO stand for Buy One, Get One. In doTERRA's case, each day they'll reveal a different opportunity to buy one oil and get one (or sometimes even more than one) for free.

A great opportunity to expand your oil collection, stock up and save big time! Get ready, doTERRA BOGO deals are usually too good to resist!

How can I participate in BOGO week?

There are two way you can participate. First, by purchasing the BOGO Box and second by purchasing BOGOs day by day.

Purchase the BOGO Box

  • With one click you can purchase all the BOGO deals of the entire weeks, therefore saving you time, shipping costs and stress!
  • No need to be checking the deals each day and worrying if you're going to be able to get them before supplies or time runs out.
  • If you see a BOGO you really like, you can always purchase it individually too

Purchase the doTERRA BOGO Box

Purchase BOGOs Day-by-Day

  • Only purchase the BOGO deals that interest you.
  • Purchase multiple quantities of the same BOGO deal in one single order.

    BOGO Week July 20 - July 22

    What to learn more about the essential oils in each BOGO? Check out the new BOGO audio eBook!

    July 20

    The first BOGO deal of the week is the BOGO Box itself! Be first to get all the BOGO deals of the weeks in one simple order. The 6 mystery oils will start to be revealed tomorrow! Even after you purchase the box, you can still participate in each individual BOGO daily deal as you wish.

    BOGO July 20

    July 21

    Today’s BOGO is buy Turmeric 15 mL, get doTERRA Cheer 5 mL completely free!

    BOGO July 21

    July 22

    Today’s BOGO is buy Tea Tree (Melaleuca) 15 mL, get Citronella 15 mL completely free!

    BOGO July 22

    July 27

    Today’s BOGO is buy Island Mist Summertime Blend 15 mL, get Purify 15 mL completely free!

    BOGO Jan 27

    July 28

    Today’s BOGO is buy Deep Blue Soothing Blend 5 mL, get Past Tense 15 mL completely free!

    BOGO Jan 28

    July 29

    Today’s BOGO is buy Melissa 5 mL, get Roman Chamomile 5 mL and Yellow Mandarin 5 mL completely free!

    BOGO July 29

    Frequently Asked Questions


    + How many BOGOs can I buy?

    Each BOGO has a limited supply, so limits may be placed on how many you can buy per order. Check the details of each BOGO for more information.

    + Do I have to be a wholesale member to purchase a BOGO?

    No, you can purchase a BOGO a a retail customer or a wholesale member. Wholesale members save 25% on all their purchases for life. You can create your wholesale account and purchase a BOGO as part of your initial order. Learn how to become a wholesale member.

    + What if I miss a BOGO?

    BOGO orders must be placed on the day of the BOGO, otherwise the offer is invalid The doTERRA BOGO Box is only available for a limited time at the start of the BOGO week.


    + How does doTERRA pick which BOGO deal to offer?

    doTERRA picks the BOGO oils with you in mind. They include perennial favorites like Peppermint and Lavender, exclusive limited products like Red Mandarin and Clementine, and specialized oils like TerraShield and Roman Chamomile. This gives you a broad range of products to experience and enjoy. doTERRA loves to surprise too!.

    + How do I know when the next BOGO will be?

    We announce BOGOs on all the social media channels, through email, and also on our website. If you follow us on Facebook or Pinterest - or if you are signed up to receive email notifications (See page footer)—then you won’t miss it!

    + How long will it take to receive my order?

    Usually 4 to 5 business days. Please allow for extra time as BOGO week can sometimes create delays in shipping to do high demand.