Fast Track Options

Our Fast Track options are designed to help new doTERRA Affiliates reach their business income goals quicker so they can dedicate more time and reinvest more resources into growing their business.

Fast Track options are offered exclusively to affiliates who enroll with us. There is no cost to participate. Fast Track options are paid out on a month to month basis. If minimum requirements are not met, you can try again next month. Only available during your first six months as a new affiliate.


"Double" Option

This option allows you to double your earnings. What you earn from doTERRA will be doubled each month.

doTERRA Double Fast Tracker Build Business

Monthly Requirements


"Bridge" Option

This option provides a guaranteed income of at least $1000 a month. As you meet the minimum volume requirements, an extra payout will be provided to you so your total income, including doTERRA payout, equals $1000.

doTERRA Bridge Fast Track

Monthly Requirements

  • Affiate must place a minimum 125 PV Loyalty Rewards Program order
  • Month 1 = 2000 OV 
  • Month 2 = 2000 OV 
  • Month 3 = 2000 OV
  • Month 4 = 3000 OV
  • Month 5 = 3000 OV
  • Month 6 = 5000 OV

    What is OV?  OV stands for Organizational Volume, which is a total of all Product Value purchased by you and your customers). 1 PV = about $1. 


    When you build a doTERRA business with us you'll be partnering with a dedicated team of doTERRA leaders that will support, train and guide you towards success!

    doTERRA Paul and Delmar Ahlstrom

    Interested in our doTERRA Affiliate Fast Track Options?