doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program

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The Loyalty Rewards Program (also know as LRP) is a monthly shopping program available to all doTERRA wholesale members.

It's a great way to shop for your doTERRA products because it generously pays you back in reward points every time you shop. You redeem those reward points for almost any free products of your choice.

LRP Highlights:

  • You choose what products you want each month
  • You choose when your order processes each month
  • Earn significant amount of reward points. Redeem for free products of your choice, anytime
  • Optional program. Cancel anytime, hassle free.

Why Choose LRP?

doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program is the most common way members shop. Since they are using their products regularly and need to restock or may want to try something new each month, this program is perfect!

It pays members back every time they shop, in a BIG way, earning them lots of free products! Who doesn't enjoy free products?


How to Earn Reward Points

Earning reward points is easy. As a member, every time you place an order you will earn some quantity of reward points. The amount of reward points you earn depends on what type of order you place and the total PV of your order.

What does PV stand for?

PV stands for Point Value. Every doTERRA product has a PV. It's basically doTERRA's internally way to be able to manage promotions and incentives world wide using one simple system.

For example: While Lavender essential oil may cost $20 in the U.S., it may cost $500 pesos in Mexico, however the PV amount would likely be the same for countries. This makes it super easy for doTERRA to do promotions and incentives world wide and every member understands. 

Rewards Points Earning Chart

There are two ways to order in doTERRA. You can place a One-Time order or a Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order. The chart explains what reward points or other incentives you earn per order type and the PV amount of your order.

Simple put, you have the ability to earn significantly more reward points by purchasing through the Loyalty Rewards Program.

doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program Chart

What is the Free Product of the Month?

Free Product of the Month

The Free Product of the Month is a wonderful promotion in which doTERRA gives away a free product to all members.

On the 1st of each month doTERRA announces what the free product is. Any member can earn this free product by placing a Loyalty Rewards Program order of 125 PV or more by the 15th of the month.

That's it! The free product will automatically be included in your order.

Level up LRP reward points

How to increase from 10% to 30% back in reward points

All members, when they start their Loyalty Rewards Program order, start out earning 10% back on any LRP orders of 50 PV or more.

Great news! You can easily increase it up to 30% back!

Every time you order at least 50 PV or more for 3 consecutive months on your LRP, doTERRA will increase your percent back 5% more.

  • After 3 months you'll jump to 15% back
  • After 6 months you'll jump to 20% back
  • After 9 months you'll jump to 25% back
  • After 12 months you'll max out at 30% back
It takes about one year to reach 30% if you never miss a consecutive month. If one month you order less than 50 PV, no worries, you never lose the % increases you've earned previously, and you can restart the three consecutive months anytime to continuing moving up.
LRP Percentage Chart

Frequently Asked Questions


+ What's the minimum LRP order each month?

The minimum order is 1 PV. So, basically at least one product. You choose whatever you want each month. There is no maximum to the amount of product you can order in any given month.

+ Can I skip a month of ordering on my LRP?

No, the minimum order each month is at least 1 PV. Your LRP cart always must retains at least one product and it will process on your date. You can however move the process date within the month as needed.

+ Do I have to change my order each month?

Yes, you should change your order at least one time each month. Log into your account and click "Edit Order". Makes any changes to the products in your cart and then click Save. doTERRA will continue to send you the items that are in your cart each month, if you don't change it, you will receive the same order.

+ Will doTERRA remind me to change my order each month?

Yes, three days before your order process date, doTERRA will send you an email reminding you to change the items in your LRP cart, if you so desire. You should also make a note in your personal calendar.

+ Can I cancel my LRP order?

Yes, you can cancel your LRP order anytime. Just call doTERRA customer service because LRP orders can not be cancelled online. You can restart your LRP order anytime.


+ Where can I see my rewards points?

Log into your account and go to Account Profile. Under your picture you will see your reward point balance along with your current LRP percentage. You can also view your reward point balance in your shopping bag. 

+ How much is 1 reward point worth?

Each reward point you earn is equivalent to $1. For example, if you have 50 reward points that means you have $50 in free products you can redeem.

+ Can I lose my reward points or percentage back or do they expire?

Your reward points expire after one year of being awarded, so use them regularly. Your percentage back does not expire. The only way you can lose your reward points or percentage back is if you cancel your LRP. If you call doTERRA and cancel your LRP, all reward points you currently have will be forfeited and your percentage back will be reset to 10%.

+ When do my reward points show up in my account?

Around the 15th of every month doTERRA will award you the reward points you earned based on the orders you placed the previous month.


+ How do I redeem my rewards points?

You can redeem your reward points anytime. Either through a one-time order or existing Loyalty Rewards order. Add products to your cart for which you want to redeem your points, then select the "Use Points" box next to the item to apply the points. You must have enough reward points to redeem the entire dollar value at once. Watch How to Redeem Reward Points.

+ Is there a cost to redeem reward points?

Yes, every time you redeem reward points, regardless of the number of point you redeem, there is a $3.00 fee.

+ For which products can I use my reward points?

You can use your reward points for over 90% of doTERRA's products. You are not typically able to redeem points for diffusers, kits & collections, or items that have a 0 PV.

+ Is there a limit of the number of rewards points I can earn and redeem?

There is no limit to how many reward points you can earn or keep accumulated in your reward balance. Just remember they do expire after one year of being rewarded. You can redeem any quantity of reward points, anytime.

How to setup a Loyalty Order

  1. Log into your doTERRA account
  2. Click "Create New LRP"

    Create New LRP
  3. Choose the date you want your LRP to process each month. You can change it later if you want.
    doTERRA Calendar Selection
  4. Add products to the cart.
  5. Click to "Save and Process" your order on the future date. Alternatively, you can also Proceed to Checkout and process your order ahead of time if you choose.
    doTERRA LRP Save and Process
  6. After it processes return to your cart anytime before the next date and change the order and save it. If you don't change it, you'll get the same products as before.

If you need help setting up your LRP, changing or any thing else, just call doTERRA Customer Service.

How to Redeem Reward Points

Redeeming reward points is quick and easy. Check your balance before hand in your Account Profile so you know how many you have available to spend. To use rewards points:

  1. Add products to your cart
  2. Choose the ones you want for free by select the "Use Points?" column next to that item
  3. Proceed to checkout. You can not save your order to process later, you must checkout now.

TIP: You can only redeem reward points for products of which you have enough rewards points to cover the entire dollar value. Reward points expire after one year of being awarded.