Collection: Emotional Health

Everybody experiences anxious feelings from time to time. But some of us worry more than others, and excess worry can interfere with daily life. Essential oils can soothe anxious feelings and help you calm worries.


• Rub 2-3 drops of Balance on the bottom of your feet before starting your day. Apply on pendent, charm or essential oil bracelet.
Calm times of hormonal tension and discomfort with Whisper. Rub on temples and inner wrists.


• Apply Lavender Touch or Frankincense Touch over your heart. Massage in gently.
• Apply Peace Touch or Console Touch behind the ears and on wrists throughout the day to help maintain emotional balance


• Take 1 Adaptiv capsule in the morning
• Apply Forgive or Serenity to calm emotions
• Apply Adaptiv Touch to your wrists and breath in throughout the day
• Diffuse 3-4 drops of Adaptiv or lavender