Collection: Kids Health

If you have kids in your house, I bet you've spent a fortune in time, money and drops of sweat doing your best to keep your little ones healthy. You might be a little nervous to use oils on your kids; maybe you’re not sure if they’re entirely safe. "As a scientist who has been studying essential oils for more than 15 years, let me tell you that doTERRA’s oils can be a wonderful blessing for children. If these products are used with care and common sense, you can safely reap all the benefits they have to offer". - Nicole Stevens, MSc


• Use the IQ Mega daily to support healthy brain, muscle and joint development.
• Take 2 tablets of the a2z vitamins and minerals daily for overall great health and wellness.


• Pour the PB Assist Jr. sachet into water or any beverage to help maintain a healthy digestive system and GI tract. 


• Each of the 7 kids roll-on bottles are pre-diluted, perfect for application to the bottom of the feet or topically to the area desired.
Braver = Energize & motivate
Rescuer = Muscle & joint discomfort
Stronger = Boost immune system
Calmer = Relax & calm mind & body
Steady = Balance mood & mind
Thinker = Increase focus & retention 
Tamer = Digestive discomfort