Energy & Motivation

Every once in a while, a day rolls around when your usual drive and energy have disappeared. The to-do-list lengthens, cynicism creeps in, and it seems like you’ll never get everything accomplished. Essential oils and botanical extracts can spark energy and enthusiasm so you can enjoy the thrill of achievement.


• Put a drop of doTERRA Motivate on your shirt collar.
• Take two Mito2Max capsules when energy levels are down, or while studying to help increase mental energy.
• Apply doTERRA Motivate Touch to your temples and the back of your neck.
• Diffuse Lemon while cleaning the house for an energizing and refreshing aroma.
• Diffuse Peppermint and Wild Orange to combat an afternoon slump.
• Inhale Peppermint prior to a workout when feeling fatigued or low on energy.