Sleep Soundly with Lavender and Petitgrain

Do you wish you could fall asleep faster at night?

Do you spend restless nights shifting around trying to get comfortable, or staring at the ceiling wishing you could be asleep? Missing out on quality sleep doesn’t just make you grumpy or give you bags under your eyes the next day, but can negatively impact your overall health.

Getting a good night of rest allows your mind and body to recuperate. Did you know that deep sleep helps to rejuvenate your cells as you relax your muscles and stake slow, deep breaths? When you don’t get enough sleep, you miss out on important processes that the brain and body need to go through to help maintain optimal health.

If you’ve tried other sleep-aiding solutions without success, consider incorporating the use of Lavender or Petitgrain oil into your bedtime routine to help you properly and peacefully drift off to sleep.

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Using Lavender for Sleep

Lavender essential oil contains a number of chemical constituents—alcohols, ketones, and esters—that have calming characteristics and support restful sleep. Because of these powerful constituents, Lavender can be used aromatically, topically, and even internally to help promote a good night of sleep. Consider trying a few of these applications for Lavender oil the next time you want to support a good night’s rest:

  • Place a few drops of Lavender in your essential oil diffuser and diffuse before going to bed. As the aroma fills the room, you will breathe in Lavender’s soothing aroma while you fall asleep.
  • Calm your body and mind by adding a few drops of Lavender to a warm bath before bed. You can also add essential oils like Bergamot, Clary Sage, or Sandalwood to enhance the experience.
  • Add Lavender to a spray bottle with at least eight ounces of water and mist the combination over your pillows and bedding before going to sleep for the night.
  • Lavender can be taken internally to promote peaceful sleep. Add a drop to a warm cup of non-caffeinated tea and drink before going to bed.

    Using Petitgrain for Sleep

    Like Lavender, the chemical makeup of Petitgrain oil makes it useful for supporting a good night’s rest. When used internally, Petitgrain is known to help ease feelings of tension, help calm the nervous system, and promote restful sleep. When used aromatically and topically, it is easy to reap the calming aromatic benefits of Petitgrain at bedtime.

    • Before bed, apply a few drops of Petitgrain to your feet to promote feelings of relaxation. You can also combine Petitgrain with other calming oils like Lavender or Bergamot.
    • If you are feeling tense before bedtime, take Petitgrain internally to ease feelings of tension and help calm the nervous system.
    • Aromatic use of Petitgrain helps promote calmness. Try taking a hot shower before bed, and place a few drops of Petitgrain on the floor of the shower (away from the water path) to allow you to inhale its calming aroma. 
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