50 doTERRA Breathe Reviews and Testimonials

50 doTERRA Breathe Reviews and Testimonials

What is doTERRA Breathe?

The doTERRA Breathe Respiratory Blend is a remarkable blend of essential oils including Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Lemon, Cardamom, and Ravintsara.

doTERRA Breathe maintains feelings of clear airways and easy breathing while minimizing the effects of seasonal threats.

doTERRA Breathe can be applied topically to the chest, back, or bottom of feet, or diffused at nighttime to calm the senses and promote a restful sleep. It comes in four varieties:

Primary Benefits

  • Maintains feelings of clear airways and easy breathing
  • Promotes a restful nights sleep
  • Helps minimize the effects of seasonal threats

    doTERRA Breathe Products

    50 doTERRA Breathe Reviews and Testimonials

    Over the years, many people have shared their personal experiences and testimonials of the Breathe product line. These are just a small handful of stories that will hopefully provide you an insight into its many uses and benefits.

    1. Breathe has helped my kids so much. They were unable to sleep or breathe through their nose. Even has helped with the dry cough - Lori
    2. I really love the Breathe lozenges! For any kind of upper respiratory irritation with sinus or throat, I get quick relief from problems. Easy to carry when I am headed to a meeting or church. The relief lasts for an hour or two. - Nancy
    3. My husband LOVES rolling the Breathe Roller Bottle on the bridge of his nose and his chest after working a 24 hr shift at the Firehall - helps support clearer breathing after inhaling questionable chemicals! - Ange
    4. My husband is a self-employed carpenter and fisherman. This is the only one we go through almost more than any other due to his use. He absolutely loves it. It keeps him motivated, focused and breathing clearly at his work which is very physically and mentally challenging. - Brittany
    5. This little gem has me off my second sterroid inhailer. My respirologist can't believe it. Love Breathe!!!! - Lynne
    6. Breathe on the big toe to stop my boyfriend from snoring! - Marie
    7. We moved here to London from BC. Within a month, my son, daughter and myself were suffering from severe respiratory issues. My son suffered the most and was known on a first name basis at Children's Hospital that initial year and a half. It was a very scary time. I had someone reach out to me and shared Breathe. I started diffusing this in his bedroom, rubbing it (diluted) on his chest, back and bottom of feet. Within a month, he was off off all the other stuff . I still have them in our home in case we ever need BUT it has been 4 years!!! - Lisa
    8. Breathe all the way! Having children with respiratory issues in my house always on puffers and steroids means that even the smallest bug can have a massive effect! My younger two have successfully gone through a total of 3 without having to increase puffers or add in any steroids simply by diffusing in their bedrooms at night !! Now they are asking for it before I can even get it up and running! - Kate
    9. My newborn had so much mucous it was unbelievable !! Two nights with Breathe and my sweet baby was completely mucous free. - Erin
    10. I was given a few of the Breathe lozenges to try by a friend. My husband was suffering from a horrible constant cough when I remembered I had these. After one, he swore they must be illegal as they not only stopped his cough, opened his head but soothed his throat too. After using two, his rasp stopped and he was able to get some sleep. They are now a staple in my cabinet. - Sue

      doTERRA Breathe Oil

    11. Breathe finally helped my annual wheeze that nothing else fixed! - Jaclyn
    12. Breathe has been a game-changer for me! I diffuse it with lavender at night to help me sleep, diffuse it alone when I have a head pressure, and run it on my chest before long runs in the winter. As a runner, this oil is a must use in the cold! - Nita
    13. Breathe in my diffuser not only makes my house smell wonderful but backs my respiratory hypersensitivity and seasonal symptoms right off. It's like a breath of fresh air! - Laurie
    14. My daughter (5yrs old) was diagnosed with a respiratory issue - each time she catches a bug it affects her lungs- she used to need 2 different puffers twice daily during flare-ups. I started diffusing Breathe at bedtime and rubbing the stick on her chest and now we rarely use anything else during flare-ups! - Carrie
    15. I love BREATHE. The best thing for nasty smells that people cook for lunch at work, to clear the sinuses , and to get your head in the game when you need a wake up at work. - Joanne
    16. Breathe does wonders for plugged up sinus. 4 drops in a mug of boiling water inhale and instant relief! - Jackie
    17. Breathe vapor stick work like a charm. I have both nasal congestion, athma, and a cough that continued after 5 months of doctors' visits and medication. I gave up on the medication and tried Breathe at the suggestion of my acupuncturist and it worked. It quieted the rasp at night so that I could sleep, and kept my airways open. If you want relief during the day, you must reapply it. The effects seem to be cumulative and after 3 weeks of daily and nightly use, applied above my eyebrows, below my nostrils, on the inside of my collar bones, and the bottoms of my feet, the chronic rasp is gone. I am a non-smoker and had already gone to doctors to make sure it wasn't due to an active infection. Frankly, I had given up hope, by the time it arrived in the mail. Imagine my relief when it worked and got rid of the chronic wheeze. This comes in a stick and essential oil bottle and I own both. I much prefer the stick for both applications, and the ability to keep it where it belongs. It smelled more concentrated than the oil to me. I tried applying the oil to a cotton ball and laying it on my upper chest while I slept, but if you roll over, you lose the cotton ball and the effect of the oil. Both forms of Breathe do work effectively. - Suzanne
    18. Inhaling Breathe  before going to the gym, and peppermint after for a cool down, refreshing feeling! - Deb
    19. I love Breathe oil! I use it on my chest, under feet all to help me breathe during seasonal threats! Breathe is fabulous to diffuse in the bedroom so the husband doesn’t snore! - Sally
    20. When we use Breathe at night in my granddaughter's room, she does not have the respiratory symptoms that she has without its use. She also doesn't have nose bleeds. - Calvarez

      doTERRA Breathe Drops

    21. Had sinus issues for WEEKS and tried everything for relief - I was miserable. A few drops of BREATHE in a diffuser in the evenings and I finally started to feel better. I was VERY skeptical of the whole essential oils craze but this stuff seriously helped me. - Gina
    22. Even though I'm taking other stuff, I still had a hard time sleeping at night. My daughter had a diffuser and had me try it with the Breathe. After one night I was convinced it works. A few weeks later I wanted to test it, so I went without it one night. I woke up stuffy and uncomfortable, I'll never go again without it. I don't understand how it works, just that it works for me. - Elena
    23. This oil was highly recommended by a neighbor. I was shocked at how fast my breathing improved. Used with a diffuser and within 30 minutes or so my breathing was smooth and effortless. I have COPED and this is the only real relief I have had in years. Finally got a good night's sleep LYING DOWN. Wonderful product! - J.R.
    24. This blend is by far my favorite of them all, it smells so amazing and helps me to breathe better when I have coughs and flare-ups. I’ll put it in a diffuser at night and I feel like it’s calming for my nose and lungs. I’ll also put some on my chest and wrists mixed with a carrier oil at night. - Lidia
    25. Great to use as soon as you feel any kind of upper respiratory issue arise. You can diffuse, mix with coconut oil and rub on your neck, or use a necklace for essential oils and wear the oil without application. We use this on ourselves and our children and have been able to keep off over the countrer stuff since using them. - HDR
    26. Worth every penny! I don’t really believe in essential oils but this one opens my daughter's nose right up. She has severe respirtaory issues and this product helps her when she can't breath. It also has a calming scent and helps her sleep when she’s feeling under the weather. - Andrea
    27. I suffer from pretty much every kind of nasal, seasonal and other respirtaory issues. This is the only product that helps me OTC! - Carolee
    28. As a nursing mother and also during my pregnancy, I didn't want to take OTC meds that may mess with my baby or milk supply, so I use Breathe any time I have congestion. Whatever the issue, this stuff will help you breathe and immediately loosen mucus. I will apply this in the middle of my chest to loosen bronchial mucus, down the sides of my nose or along my nose to bring relief and open airways. Usually, within seconds I'm hacking up stuff or blowing my nose. I also use this for getting stubborn baby boogers to come out, but definitely mix it with coconut oil first so you don't irritate baby's skin and also only put in on the chest, below clothing so the baby doesn't rub it into eyes or ingest it. I cannot live without this stuff! Effective and natural! - Lisa
    29. I order this product to add to a humidifier for one of my Pomeranians who has breathing issues at night (yes, I’m one of 'those’ fur baby mamas, lol). He doesn’t hack/cough anymore as long as this is going in the room where he’s sleeping. - Brianna

      doTERRA Breathe Vapor Stick

    30. My horse has developed severe allergies with coughing and heaves. This works wonders... better than expensive allergy treatments. - Erica
    31. Helped my wife’s asthma. Gave a quicker and longer sustained relief than her Albuterol inhaler. Worth every drop. - Ali
    32. My wife has issues with her sinuses, and this actually seems to have a positive effect on her. She has even stopped having to use a rinse since she started using the DoTerra Breathe oil, and she said she can tell a dramatic difference in how "snotty" she is in the morning. - Dem
    33. Amazing oil as I have really bad repiratory attacks and have a hard time sleeping at night and breathing. I use this over my nose and sinus area along with my throat and this oil helps so much! it's all i have to use now; this is an amazing fix for me and I'll continue to buy this one too. I also recommend the Breathe cough drops...they are wonderful and work so much better than anything else on the market. - Snorkie
    34. Love this oil, use it regularly for chest blockage, dry coughs and runny noses. My go-to oil. - Jackie
    35. I'm an essential oil skeptic, but this product came highly recommended by other moms. My 7-month-old had been on breathing regimens off and on for months. She would wake constantly in the night from difficulties breathing and being stuffed up. Since we have been using this product in the diffuser at night, she has been sleeping through the night without any issues. She still has symptoms during the day, but we're happy that she is getting the rest she needs at night now. - Pamela
    36. This blend has been such a help to us throughout the cold season. I have applied to the feet and chest of my children when they were coughing and other things had not even helped, and their breathing is  calmed through the night so they could rest well. - Lorrie
    37. Very refreshing. I find it helpful when my breathing is reduced due to congestion. This product acts as a camphoraceous, meaning it has the power to unblock clogged alveoli sac and restricted bronchial tubes (which I can't actually prove, but it feels like it). The power of eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil form a very powerful, very pungent aromatic camphor that acts directly within the lungs, and on top of that it's like breathing in a York peppermint patty without the calories. This product actually helps more oxygen get inside the body due to increased air circulation and other processes I am not qualified to explain. All I really know is that it does make a very noticeable, critical difference with my light respiratory issues without the use of man-made alternatives. I keep this all the time with me, and more on my night table as part of my daily lung-clearing regiment. Absolutely essential. - Matthew
    38. When I decided to give this a shot, I had been suffering from a sinus issue for months, I was looking for anything to get a little relief. This roll-on was a lifesaver, it smelled amazing, it was a perfect strength, not so strong you offend others around you but not so weak you smell nothing. The eucalyptus was not too strong either. After months of suffering, I finally kicked the issue with the help of this wonderful pocketsize roll-on. - Pinkie
    39. I like to use Breathe oil especially when I am not feeling well with respiratory distress. I use it on the bottoms of my feet and also on my chest and maybe a drop just under my nose before I go to bed. I would use it in all of the places that I would use Vicks vapor Rub in the past. I also like that I can diffuse this into the air as well. - Heather

      doTERRA Breathe Roll-on

    40. I have bad breathing problems and this is the best product you can invest in if your nose is stuffed up or you having an attack. It helps within seconds! - Kaylee
    41. Any time I have a head tensino, I reach for this. If I have a stuffy nose I reach for this. For my head, I rub its rollerball across my forehead and in 5 minutes the head discomfort is gone. I roll it on my pillow to sleep better. - Kay
    42. Love to diffuse this at night!! It helps with my seasonal breathing problems. When I wake up I feel as I am breathing better. My room smells awesome and I feel refreshed and ready to begin my day! - Cynthia
    43. Works great for many different problems. My friend who has a bad respiratory attack used it when she didn't have her inhaler and it helped clear her breathing. Also great to help clear airway and nose! Rub on bottoms of feet and put on socks and you wake up feeling refreshed. - Sarah
    44. I was a bit of a skeptic before using this product, but I have to say, now I am hooked! I am absolutely amazed by this product! I was so stuffed up!, nothing was helping much. My mom had this and made me put some on the bottoms of my feet and on my chest and it was no time before I could breathe! I couldn't believe how fast or how well it worked! I am a true believer in this now! Anyone with congestion or drainage problems should try this out! - Claire
    45. I typically don't get ill often but when I do, it hits me hard. Whenever I'm congested, I apply to my chest, back and my hands to inhale the scent, and I feel instant relief! I like to get a warm towel and apply it to my back because it helps the oil soak into my skin. I also like using it when I'm feeling really anxious or nervous. Overall, I definitely recommend this oil especially if you have respiratory symptoms. - Maria
    46. My husband and I own a CrossFit gym and have had our members apply this to their chests before a workout. We’ve had several people come back to us asking for more because they love how it just opens up their airways and makes their workouts easier to get through because they can BREATHE - Kellsi
    47. This is my go-to for any respiratory problems. Breathe helps open your airways in a flash. I love that this oil has its own line of rollers, throat drops, and a vapor stick. It's easy to use and apply. - Abby
    48. This is the product we live on. My son has a really stuffy nose - especially during the winter - Breathe is the trusted product in our household. We add few drops to the diffuser and the room is ready for the calm night within minutes. - Olga
    49. Love this. I’ve also gotten the Breathe touch roll-on that’s already diluted. I use this at night in my diffuser often, especially during allergy season. I’ve also used it before running to help my asma that flares in cold weather. - Anna
    50. This oil was recommended to me as I suffer from seasonal colds a lot and find my nose gets blocked very easily in a big open office with loads of air-conditioners. I diffuse at bedtime for a restful night’s sleep or use a drop on my palms and inhale directly from palms. Sometimes when I feel a problem coming on, I rub on the chest at bedtime and it helps to breathe easily. - Peter

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    How to use doTERRA Breathe Products

    doTERRA Breathe Essential Oil

    • Diffuse, inhale directly from palms, or rub on chest or feet when seasonal and environmental threats are high.
    • Use when outdoors to minimize the effects of seasonal threats.
    • Diffuse at bedtime for a restful environment.


    doTERRA Breathe Essential Oil Roll-on

    • Apply to chest or feet when seasonal and environmental threats are high.
    • Use when outdoors to minimize the effects of seasonal threats.
    • Rub on neck, chest, back, or bottom of feet to promote a restful sleep.


    doTERRA Breathe Respiratory Drops

    • Adults and children 5 years and over: Dissolve 1 drop slowly in the mouth. Repeat every 2 hours as needed.
    • Maintains clear airways and breathing
    • Supports overall respiratory health


    doTERRA Breath Vapor Stick

    • Apply topically to the chest and breathe deeply to enjoy a cooling, invigorating vapor.
    • Quick, convenient delivery system
    • Provides a cooling, soothing effect both topically and aromatically


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