doTERRA Honey Myrtle Essential Oil

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Harvested in Western Australia and steam distilled from the native Melaleuca teretifolia plants located in a belt of wetlands near Harvey WA, the sweet, fresh and sparkling citrus character of our Honey Myrtle essential oil is a celebration of our unique natural treasures and a tribute to the distinctive flora endemic to Australia.

A true gift of the Earth, our sustainably sourced native Honey Myrtle essential oil has the highest known citral content of all Melaleucas, (including Tea Tree) and this fragrant, herbaceous and lemony oil is recognised for its anti-bacterial properties and is also powerfully calming to the mind when inhaled.

Unearth a renewed appreciation for our indigenous plant life by adding a few drops of Honey Myrtle essential oil to your diffuser to quiet your mind.

Primary Benefits

  • Provides a calming environment when diffused
  • Distinct floral and citrus fragrance


  • Diffuse before your meditation or mindfulness practice or enhance concentration prior to study
  • Add to your Multi-Purpose Spray Cleaner to help disinfect surfaces
  • Drink with water for a refreshing taste

Directions for Use

Aromatic Use: Use one to two drops in diffuser of choice
Internal Use: Add one or two drops to hot water for a soothing, natural and native infused tea.

Aromatic Description

Sweet, fresh, citrus

Collection Method

Steam distillation

Plant Part


 doterra honey myrtle

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