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Are you ready to live your dreams? The dilemma many people face is spending their lives trading hours for dollars, making little progress toward a secure financial future. The solution is to build a business that provides a cash flow that can help you live the life you desire. With dōTERRA, you can enjoy more control over your time, energy, and income by building an effective financial pipeline.


Discover the benefits of a financial pipeline using the Build Guide and see what building a doTERRA business can do for you.

What You'll Learn

  • How to share doTERRA through classes and one-on-ones so you can earn free products for yourself
  • Reasons to partner with doTERRA
  • Pipeline activities to start building a business
  • Income potential
  • Three steps to launch your business

Download the doTERRA Build Guide

Business Introduction Class

Setup a doTERRA Wellness Advocate Account

Ready to get started? Begin by following the steps below:

  1. Setup a doTERRA Wellness Advocate Account
  2. Setup your Loyalty Rewards Program (6:14). Save with 100 PV or more
  3. Share and teach others about the oils and products
  4. Enroll a new doTERRA member (5:58)
  5. Set up your Direct Deposit in your "My Office" page
Access the doTERRA Business Resources Library


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