doTERRA Abōde Multi-surface Spray Dispenser with Cleaner Concentrate

doTERRA Abōde Multi-surface Surface Cleaner with Dispenser

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Save money and time when purchasing the doTERRA Abōde multi-surface spray dispenser and cleaner concentrate together.


doTERRA abode home product line contains powerful essential oils with a pleasant aroma that leaves your home smelling clean and feeling refreshed naturally.

  • doTERRA Abōde Multi-surface Spray Dispenser
    Cleaning is a breeze when you use this durable, reusable bottle with a powerful trigger sprayer, created expressly for doTERRA abode Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner Concentrate. doTERRA makes it simple for you to reduce the use of plastic in your household, save money, and keep your home clean.
  • dōTERRA Abōde Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner Concentrate
    The naturally powerful, plant-based formula is free from phosphates, sulfates, phthalates, dyes, and chlorine. The key component of the proprietary blend of CPTG® essential oils in the cleaner is Thymol, widely known for its powerful cleansing and purifying properties. The concentrate also includes Lime, Litsea, Cassia, Lemon Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Arborvitae, Eucalyptus kochii, Cilantro, Lavandin and Lemon Myrtle. The spray can be used where food is prepared, in bathrooms, on counter-tops, fixtures, walls, finished wood, and tile floors to help keep your home spotless and smelling fresh.

Directions For Use

  1. Pour 1 container (1 fl oz) of doTERRA abode Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner Concentrate into the multi-surface spray dispenser
  2. Add purified water until mixture reaches water fill line
  3. Attach sprayer securely to bottle and shake gently
  4. Spray mixture onto non-porous household surfaces and wipe away


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