Switching from Young Living to doTERRA

Switching from Young Living to doTERRA

Thinking about making the switch...?

We created this page to help answer some common questions and provide some best steps to making the switch.

So why do people switch from Young Living to doTERRA?

People may switch for a variety of reasons. Maybe it's the qualify, the service, the member benefits or maybe they just want to try something new.

As we've talked to our customers throughout the years, they've told us some of their main reasons and we've compiled them into a list of the top 6.

We love our Young Living friends because they have a profound knowledge and appreciation of the power essential oils. They are some of the most dedicated and creative people we've met when it comes to using natural solutions. We welcome them at doTERRA!

Top 6 reasons people make the switch...

#1 Higher Quality

Both Young Living and doTERRA strive to produce the highest quality essential oils. However, the sourcing methodsquality control and third party testing that doTERRA goes through is a step beyond anyone in the industry, resulting in an oil with a richer aroma, longer shelf life and a remarkably consistent chemical profile across batches.

#2 Lower Price per Drop

Overall, prices of doTERRA essential oils are more affordable when comparing price per drop. Shipping is only $3.99 and free (100% paid back) when shopping through the Loyalty Rewards Program.

#3 Earn More Rewards

doTERRA's optional monthly ordering program called the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) earn you 10-30% back on every purchase. Spend your reward points on whatever you want. There are no limits to the amount of rewards you can earn or redeem. Cancel your LRP hassle free any time.

#4 Great Customer Support

doTERRA provides quick and friendly customer service world wide. Whether by email, chat or phone, wait times are short, hours open are generous, and staff go above and beyond to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. Hassle free customer service.

#5 Smooth Shopping Experience

doTERRA's IT department may never sleep... they're always updating and improving the shopping experience to make it easier and faster for you. Shop on any mobile, tablet or desktop device or download the doTERRA Shop App.

#6 Better Business Opportunity

doTERRA's compensation plan pays you more and requires less volume. Our high retention rate of 65%+ helps you to achieve your financial goals faster and with less volatility.

Additionally, there are no limits on when you can achieve your goals or how high you can go. All builders get a free business site to sell, promote and enroll others online.

From day 1, the world is your market. Build your business any where, any time and any way you want. Enroll with us, doTERRA Presidential Diamonds, and let us support you launching your business to the top.

Switch from Young Living to doTERRA

How to switch from Young Living to doTERRA

Any Young Living member can join doTERRA any time. Joining is done most commonly online through doTERRA's enrollment page.

What to know before you join:

  • There is no cost to join, so long as you choose one of doTERRA's starter kits in your first order. Otherwise there is a $35 one time fee
  • Choose if you want to be a Wholesale Customer (Shopping account) or a Wellness Advocate (Shopping and Business Building account)
  • There are no monthly fees, obligations or minimums
  • You can join doTERRA from almost any country in the world

Steps to join

  1. Start here
  2. Select your kit and/or first products
  3. Set up your account profile
  4. Process your order
Note: After you enroll, log into your account at doterra.com using your email address and password. Track your orders and purchase more at wholesale any time. That's it!

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Speak to a doTERRA Rep

If you'd like to speak to us before you enroll, just contact us, we'd love to chat and answer all your questions.

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