How to reactivate your doTERRA Wholesale Account

Reactivate doTERRA Account

If you haven't used your doTERRA wholesale account for some time, you'll need to reactivate it before you can login and continuing ordering again.

Steps to reactivate your doTERRA account

  • Send an account reactivation email to doTERRA
  • Wait 12-24 hours to receive a reactivation confirmation
  • Login at and start ordering wholesale again!

The button below will automatically load the reactivation email template directly into your email browser.

Click to load Account Reactivation email template


*Be sure to send your request from the same email on your doTERRA account. Once reactivated, you'll have immediate access to the Loyalty Rewards Program, current monthly promotions and Home Essential Oils will be your sponsor.

If you have trouble loading the email template, click here for manual instructions.


How much does it cost to reactivate?

There is no cost to reactivate. However, if it's been over a year since you last ordered, you may see a $25 renewal fee added to your cart. All renewals come with a free peppermint oil 15 mL.

How soon after my account reactivates do I need to place an order?

You'll need to place an order within 48 hours after reactivation, otherwise your account may return to inactive status.

If I was a distributor before, can I still reactivate my account?

Yes, all Wellness Advocates (Independent Distributors) and Wholesale Customers follow the same instructions to reactivate their accounts. 

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