Manual Steps to Reactivate your doTERRA Wholesale Account

To reactivate your doTERRA Wholesale Account, just send the email below to doTERRA's Member Accounts Team.



SUBJECT: doTERRA Account Reactivation

MESSAGE: Hi, I'd like to request that my doTERRA wholesale account be reactivated and my sponsor/enroller updated to 13237.


Note: Be sure to send the email request from the same email address that is currently on your doTERRA account for verification purposes. Reactivation typically happens within 24 hours after sending the email. Once reactivation confirmation is received, you'll have immediate access to log in and shop all products at wholesale prices and take advantage of any monthly promotions available too. Feel free to restart your Loyalty Rewards Program and start earning reward points again any time. Home Essential Oils will be your new sponsor. When placing your next order, the membership renewal fee may or may not be added to your cart at checkout. All renewals come with a free 15ml peppermint essential oil.