How to join the doTERRA Affiliate Program

How to join the doTERRA Affiliate Program

Program Overview

The doTERRA Affiliate program offers a simple and continuous way of earning that does not come with the added responsibilities or commitments of building a team, managing inventory or even ordering personally.

As an affiliate, earn a high commission on all sales generated through your efforts. Remember, this is a pilot program, so doTERRA may stop accepting new affiliates any time in the future. For more information about the program visit the doTERRA Affiliate information page.

Steps to Become a doTERRA Affiliate

Step 1: Start Enrollment (Must enroll through this link)
Step 2: Shop for any products you wish with your enrollment order. (The initial membership fee can be waived if you buy any kit or 150 PV in products)
Step 3: Enter your name as you'd like it to appear to customers when they visit your links. (For example, if you your name to appear as "Teresa's Health Shop", use "Teresa" as First Name and "Health Shop" as Last Name)
Step 4: Choose account type as "Wellness Advocate" and enter the associated SSN/EIN
Step 5: Checkout
*Once enrolled, please allow 24 hours for doTERRA to upgrade your account from a Wellness Advocate to an Affiliate.

    Affiliate Orientation

    After enrolled, you'll be connected with an affiliate specialist that will help you get started and answer any questions you have. You'll receive an orientation by Zoom that will teach you the following important items:

    • How to personalizing your website
    • How to use the link generator
    • How to track earning and set up direct deposit
    • How to best use the Loyalty Rewards Program
    • Where to get free marketing materials
    • Discuss customized marketing strategies to launch your business