Employee Appreciation Day Resources

Employee Appreciation Day Resources

PURPOSE: To show appreciation to employees by offering a free AromaTouch hand technique and health consult. This can be a great way to reach new customers and network with organizations and communities.

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Register with Business

Businesses may have a community outreach/human resources department through which you may register as a partner or vendor and therefore be automatically invited to such events and opportunities.

    Outreach Email

    Send this email to businesses to book your first event. You may send at multiple times of the year depending when you think they will be most open to host you:


    My name is ________. I am a [Certified/Specialist/Local..etc.].  I’m reaching out today because I'd like to offer a complimentary aromatherapy hand massage and wellness consult to your employees as part of your next Employee Appreciation Day.

    My services are free of charge for both the business and employees. My passion is to help reduce stress in the work place and provide an uplifting and motivating experience to all. Participants report having improved productivity, better team relationships and less sick days. A little appreciation goes a long ways to bettering all aspects of a work environment.

    How it works:

    1. Employee selects a 15-minute appointment slot
    2. Receives a relaxing aromatherapy hand massage (10 minutes)
    3. Receives a brief wellness consult (5 min)
    4. Receives a thank you gift bag
    Visit our Employee Appreciation Day site for details and a demonstration.

        It would truly be my pleasure to be at your next Employee Appreciation Day or as a stand alone visit any time you'd like to schedule me on site. Employees are welcome to purchase products I have for sale, but there are no obligations.

        It's my mission to bring health and wellness to the workplace! Pease contact me with any questions.

        I look forward to scheduling a visit soon,


          Outreach Follow-Up

          If no email response, follow up with a visit and/or call. When visiting, be sure to drop off a flyer with event details and your contact info.

          Outreach Website

          Use our general Employee Appreciation Day website in your outreach to easily share details about how the event works, pictures, videos and testimonials. You may also create your own version if you wish.

          Event Scheduling

          Once event dates are confirmed, send out your event scheduler to the business event coordinator so they can email to all employees. 20 minute appointment blocks are ideal in order to see as many people as possible.

          Event Supplies 

          • Diffuser - Bring any doTERRA diffuser, preferably one they could purchase from doTERRA. Diffuse relaxing and refreshing oils
          • Pocket Guides - Include with gift bag or as a freebie with purchase. Multiple options: A-Z Oil Guide or Healthy Can be Simple or Modern Essential Booklet
          • Jewelry People enjoy a way to keep the oil aroma with them all day. Sell jewelry around $10 each or maybe give as freebie with their purchase. Buy jewerly in bulk for Aromatherapy Pendants or Bracelets
          • Essential Oils - Bring the oils you need for the hand massage, plus oils that relate to the health concerns people express in their questionnaires.  Use for sampling or have available to sell in person
          • Questionarrie - Print off the guest questionnaires. Review each one so you can customize their visit and easily complete a mini consult with them.
          • Music Player - Have a relaxing, meditative, instrumental music playing in the back ground. YouTube - Live Instrumental Relaxing Music
          • Gift Bags - Each guest receives a free goodie bag. Ideas to include: oil sample, toothpaste sample, deep blue sample, losange sample, LLV sample, metapwr collagen sample, hand sanitizer spray, product info card, pocket guide, and your contact card. Access the Canva.com Contact Card Template (Make copy first, then edit your copy)
          • Emotions Wheel - Use this wheel to help connect the emotional properties and the oils to how they are feeling. Have them select how they are feeling  then use the corresponding oils on them - Purchase the Emotions Wheel
          • Hand Reflexology Chart - Use this comprehensive reflexology chart that is double-sided with a hand on one side and foot on the other to demonstrate how the oils applied to the hand will help certain areas. Ask them to pick an area where they'd like extra support. Purchase the Hand Reflexology Chart
          • QR Code Shopping Sheet - Print out and laminate (optional) this quick shopping sheet to make it fast and easy for guests to shop for popular kits or create any wholesale order they wish. Use the link generator in your back office to create the QR codes based your enroller ID. Access the Canva.com QR Code Shopping Sheet (Make copy first, then edit your copy)
          • Raffle Entry Box - Ask each guest if they would like to enter your raffle. We recommend raffling a free AromaTouch or similar experience. If they are interested, place their questionnaire in a raffle box. Be sure to have their phone and email. It's up to you how many winners you want to award.
          • Credit card machine: Any device or app that can process credit card payments

          Sequence of Events on Appreciation Day

          Setup (20 min)

          • Start Music
          • Start Diffuser
          • Review Questionnaires
          • Display oils, flyers, jewelry, products etc.

          Each Guest (15 min)

          Focus on them having a great experience with the hand massage is most important.

          • Welcome
          • Emotions Wheel and Hand Chart
          • Hand Aromatherapy Massage
          • Wellness Consult (May start while doing massage depending how guest responds)
          • Complete any sales or enrollment. Leverage the QR code shopping sheet. Make any incentive offers
          • Raffle Entry
          • Gift Bag

          Other Giveaways

          When working with a business you may be asked to make a donation of some kind. We recommend instead of donating cash or products, donate services from which you can meet and build a relationship with people.


          • Free AromaTouch Technique
          • Free Itovi / Zyto Bioscan
          • Free Massage or Acupunture Session
          • Free Symphony of the Cells Therapy
          • Free Yoga, Reiki or other Therapy Session
          • Free Wellness Consultation

          Free AromaTouch Gift Certificate Sample