Wellness Class 1: I have my oils, now what?

In our first wellness education class, learn the most practical information to getting started with your essential oils. Covering all the basics, from A-Z of using your oils and your new doTERRA membership.

Becky Balkcom

Taught by doTERRA Diamond, Betsy Balkcom

Topic 1

Open up your bottles! Get connected to some of the most popular tools and reference guides to using your oils and products for almost any health ailment. Learn the power of diffusing.

Class 1: I have my oils, now what?

Topic 2

Learn how to dilute essential oils and why. Plus, common safety practices and how to make your first roll-on bottle.

Class 1: I have my oils, now what?

Topic 3

Learn how to put into practice common health routines for the areas of health that are most important to you. Get a walk through of some of doTERRA's most popular essential oils and product lines and how you can start incorporating them into your lifestyle.

Class 1: I have my oils, now what?

Topic 4

Learn the secrets of diffusing essential oils and how to get their powerful aromatic benefits working for you. Recipes for sleep, stress, immune boosting and more. Why take essential oils internally and how to best reap the most benefits.

Class 1: I have my oils, now what?

Topic 5

Learn how to create a roller ball that works for any age or skin sensitivity. Follow recommended dilution guidelines. Also, learn about some of doTERRA's most popular nutritional and specialized supplements and how to best use them.

Class 1: I have my oils, now what?

Topic 6

Learn how to apply the knowledge you learned in this class to create simple, powerful, practical daily routines that will help build a foundation of natural health.

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Class 1: I have my oils, now what?

How to watch this class

Watch this class and seven other wellness education classes for as part of your benefits of joining doTERRA through our website. A $500 value.

"You've invested into the oils, so we want to invest back into helping you become an oil expert in your own home."

All classes are pre-recorded so you can watch them anytime and in any order. Taught by experienced essential oil educators. Watch all eight classes and earn a special prize!

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Class 1: I have my oils, now what?