Back-to-School doTERRA Blends

Make this school year the best yet with some of dōTERRA’s most popular back-to-school blends. 

Going back to school is an exciting time of year. Help your kids get back into the routine with Thinker, InTune, and doTERRA Motivate Touch. Each of these blends have fresh, exciting aromas that help create an atmosphere that’s perfect for studying.

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  • Apply to the temples and back of the neck as part of a work or study routine.
  • Apply to the wrists or back of the hands and inhale deeply.
  • Dispense on a clay pendant, placing on a desk or in other key areas in a classroom or workspace.

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doTERRA Motivate Touch

  • Prime your wrists for a day of hard work.
  • Apply to the back of the neck before giving a speech.
  • Apply to pulse points before participating in sporting events or other competitions.

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  • Keep on hand in your purse or child’s backpack and apply as needed.
  • Roll onto the wrists or hands and inhale deeply before a test.
  • Apply as part of your studying practices.

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