How to Use Palmarosa Essential Oil

Palmarosa oil

Take in a breath of beauty with Palmarosa. This essential oil has a bright and cleansing aroma with slightly sweet and floral notes. It contains a high percentage of geraniol, which is one of the same primary aromatic constituents in Rose essential oil.

This component supportd clean, healthy-looking skin as well as balance moisture levels in the skin. It’s no wonder Palmarosa often finds a place in skin care routines!

Top 5 Uses of Palmarosa Oil

  1. Diffusing Palmarosa into the air will fill any room with a pleasant and welcoming aroma. You’ll love this luxurious floral fragrance, reminiscent of favorites like Geranium and Rose but with uniquely sweet notes.
  2. Enhance your skincare routine by adding a few drops of Palmarosa essential oil to your regular cleanser or moisturizer. Not only will this leave you smelling bright and clean, but the oil itself can help balance moisture levels and leave your skin looking toned and healthy.

    doTERRA Palmarosa Essential Oil

  3. Bathwater. Add a few drops of Palmarosa essential oil to your bathwater to immerse yourself completely in a relaxing aromatic experience.
  4. Soothing massage. A couple drops of Palmarosa with a carrier oil can give a soothing massage a whole new dimension. Let the bright floral scent engage your senses while working the tension from your muscles.
  5. Use with a reed diffuser or add a drop to an unscented candle to give any space an inviting, romantic atmosphere.

Fun Fact

400 farmers participate in the production process of doTERRA Palmarosa essential oil. Of those farmers, 80% are women!

Plant Description

Palmarosa essential oil comes from a tall, herbaceous grass. This perennial thrives in humid tropical or wetland conditions. doTERRA sources Palmarosa essential oil from the eastern plains of Nepal, though it is originally native to India and even carries the nickname “Indian geranium.”

The grass can grow to be up to ten feet tall and requires abundant sunshine to grow. Once harvested, the grass is then dried and steam distilled to create a fresh, clear-to-pale-yellow essential oil.

Palmarosa Plant

Oils that Blend well with Palmarosa

The aroma of Palmarosa pairs well with several essential oils. Try any combination of the below essential oils to create a unique and powerfully healing and relaxing aroma or topical application.

Diffuser Blend with Palmarosa

Try this wonderful essential oil diffuser blend with your doTERRA Palmarosa essential oil. Mix 3 drops of Palmarosa, 4 drops Lavender and 3 drops Grapefruit. Then sit back, close your eyes and take a rest in a peaceful summer's meadow.

Summer Meadow Diffuser Blend

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