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Get rid of ants naturally with doterra essential oils
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You drop one thing on the floor and before you know it, the whole colony is on their way to help you get your mess all cleaned up. They work everyday, all day long. Rain or sunshine, it does not matter, they just keep on working until the job is done.

Plus, you know they always got scouts out, look for the next opportunity.

So what can you do when they show up INSIDE your home?

How do you tell them to leave, nicely?

We want to treat our little earth friends the most humane way possible, all while sending a clear message that it's time for them to find somewhere else to get their food source. We'll explore how to get rid of ants with essential oils, naturally


Well, it's not necessarily that they don't like peppermint, because they would happily eat a peppermint candy that fell on the floor just as much as a lemon one or any other kind of flavor.

And I don't think they have any problem hanging out around a peppermint plant either. But what really "ties their antennae" is pure peppermint essential oil.

The 100% pure essential oil is so strong, so overwhelming, so debilitating to their communication system that they have no choice but to avoid it. They run away from it like the plague.

If enough of the colony gets the message that there is peppermint essential oil in their tracks and covering their entry and exit points, then they'll just go somewhere else for food because they have no choice. Ants tend to follow the path of least resistance.


Peppermint Oil Spray Recipe

First, get your ammo. Make sure you get the real stuff, 100% pure, unadulterated, maximum potency peppermint essential oil from doTERRA.

The peppermint plant is a hybrid of watermint and spearmint and was first described by Carl Linneaus in 1753. A high menthol content—like that found in the doTERRA Peppermint essential oil—distinguishes the best quality Peppermint from other products. Frequently used in toothpaste and chewing gum for oral hygiene, Peppermint also helps alleviate occasional stomach upset and promotes healthy respiratory function when taken internally. Peppermint continues to be one of the best-selling favorites among doTERRA essential oils.

Second, open the bottle and take out the plastic orifice stopper.

Third, attach a spray nozzle to the top. This isn't absolutely required, it will just make it a lot easier to spray the peppermint essential oil evenly and effectively in the direction and areas you need.

You'll probably be spraying in some tight quarters, underneath objects or in small holes, so it will be very helpful in covering the area you need.

  • Cut the tip of the plastic spray nozzle so that it fits right down to the bottom of the peppermint essential oil bottle.
  • Be sure to cut it at a slight angle to allow for maximum spray.
  • Screw on the spray top

How many bottles of oils should I put in my sprayer?

Pour 2 - 3 bottles of peppermint essential oil into one spray bottle (15 mL). One would work too, but if you have room to add more, go for it.

Should I dilute the oil?

No, don't dilute it, that will take away from its potency and effectiveness. Just be careful not to get carried away sparing. Once or twice is good enough to send a clear picture to the ants.

What type of sprayer should I use?

Make sure you're using a bottle that's durable enough to hold essential oils. All glass, metal or ceramic bottles are fine, but be careful with some cheap plastic. The essential oil could eat through the bottle in time.

NOW you're ready to fight back nature with nature!

Spray top for essential oils


Once you start spraying, it's kind of hard to stop, it's just so fun. Watch your oil level to make sure you have enough to complete the job and a little more for back up just in case.

Sometimes the ants will test you and come back the next day after the peppermint aroma has died down. Just stay vigilant!

Peppermint bottle with spray on top

You can buy a small bunch of spray bottles with nozzles here. Either cut the spray tip and twist it onto your peppermint bottle or fill up the bottle that comes with the spray nozzle with your peppermint essential oil


  • Use a drop of Peppermint with Lemon in water for a healthy, refreshing mouth rinse.
  • Take one to two drops in a Veggie Capsule to alleviate occasional stomach upset.

  • Add a drop to your favorite smoothie recipe for a refreshing twist. 
  • Place one drop in palm of hand with one drop Wild Orange and one drop Frankincense and inhale for a mid-day pick-me-up.


You may have a tendency to want to buy something "man-made", thinking it will be the best, but in reality, spraying chemicals in your home is dangerous for you, your family and your pets.

Plus, there's no reason to use strong chemicals that can can irritate the eyes, throat, cause headaches and other health issues.

Some products release dangerous chemicals into the air and stick to the surfaces. These harmful ingredients you don't want to ever breathe or ingest, accidently. So, just use something safe, natural and effective instead!

Get rid of ants with essential oils naturally

Don't use chemicals and other harmful sprays. Keep your home free of toxins

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