4 Beauty Blunders in your doTERRA Skin Care Routine

Wondering how you can make your skin look healthy, shiner and more youthful? In getting started using your essential oils and skin care products, sometimes we need a little help getting our skin care routine just right for our face.

Here are a few good tips to help you find the beauty blunders hiding in your skin care routine.

Beauty Blunder #1: Washing Your Face With Bar Soap

Accessible and affordable, bar soap has been a skin routine staple for decades. However, bar soap is not formulated for the delicate skin on your face; its oil-stripping properties may give an instant clean feeling, yet over time bar soaps deplete hydration levels and the balancing oils your facial tissue needs to stay smooth and elastic.

Rather than using body soap to wash your face, choose a facial cleanser that complements your skin type and is formulated to your unique needs.

The dōTERRA skincare lines—Essential Skin Care, Veráge®, and HD Clear®—are tailored to specific skin concerns and rely on gentle oils to cleanse and revitalize.

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Beauty Blunder #2: Over-Cleansing Your Face

You might not have thought it possible, but you can actually wash your face too much. Doing so can strip your skin of natural oils that keep your skin balanced and protected.

Don’t worry about washing every morning and evening, unless there are things on your face that need to be washed off, like makeup or sunscreen. Common symptoms of over-washing are dry, tight-feeling skin.

Alternatively, if you over-cleanse, you may inadvertently train your face to produce excess oil.

Use a gentle, oil-based cleanser that replenishes moisture and try washing your face at night before bed. You can also incorporate cleansing essential oils into your skin care regimen such as Grapefruit, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Geranium.

Beauty Blunder #2: Over-Cleansing Your Face

Beauty Blunder #3: Bullying Blemishes

We’ve all been told not to pop pimples. Scratching at an emerging spot can feel satisfying at the time, but picking at skin imperfections increases the likelihood of scarring and discoloration.

Another acne pitfall is treating blemishes with harsh, drying astringents and spot treatments. Like picking, this aggressive approach can further irritate and inflame spots.

Rather than squeezing or drying out the area, apply an essential oil like Tea Tree, Lavender, or Immortelle® to the area and leave it alone. These gentle oils will cleanse, soothe, and expedite healing.

Beauty Blunder #3: Bullying Blemishes

Beauty Blunder #4: Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes is a chore worth doing more frequently when you consider the effect if can have on your skin hygiene. In a week’s time, your brushes collect dirt, oil, and old makeup. These are reapplied to your clean skin every time you apply makeup with dirty brushes.

If you experience frequent breakouts, try cleaning your brushes once a week and see if this simple hygienic habit makes a difference.

Use warm water and cleansing oils such as Lemon or Tea Tree to clean and condition your makeup tools and keep your skin free of oily buildup.

Beauty Blunder #4: Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

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