doTERRA Move Personal Diffuser with Sunny Citrus

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The dōTERRA Move™ Diffuser goes anywhere you do. Add water and a drop or two of your favourite essential oils, lock the top, slide the front panel down and instantly enjoy the benefits. The Move is rechargeable and ready whenever you are.


  • Dimensions: 40 x 120 mm
  • Rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about finding a nearby plug socket
  • Features 10 minutes of continuous mist and blue light - diffuser and light will automatically turn off after 10 minutes
  • Can diffuse while charging - indicator light flashes blue and pink while diffusing
  • Battery run time approximately 2.5 hours – based on activated spray time

Cleaning Your Diffuser

Periodically, it is a good idea to run your diffuser through a cleaning cycle. If you use your unit every day, then running a cleaning cycle monthly is a good idea.

  • Fill your diffuser half way with clean water
  • Add 10 drops of white vinegar
  • Let the diffuser run for about 5 minutes to allow the water-vinegar mixture to disperse throughout the unit and clean it.
  • Drain the diffuser completely
  • Using a cotton swab dipped in vinegar, clean the tight spots and corners of the diffuser.
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Use a dry cloth to wipe the diffuser and dry it thoroughly


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