How to become a doTERRA consultant

Any one can become a doTERRA consultant (Wellness Advodate). doTERRA is open in over 150 countries world wide and offers this opportunity to all its members.

As a consultant (Wellness Advocate) you'll be able to promote and sell doTERRA products. You'll be given a free business website that customers can easily shop and enroll through you directly. You can build your business in person, online or any way else you want. Receive income for every enrollment and orders your customers place. Create a true legacy and residual income business!


How to become a doTERRA consultant

  1. Start Enrollment Here
  2. Choose any products or kit you wish with your enrollment. Consultant receive wholesale price on all products. (The purchase of any starter kit or 150 PV in products waives the one-time enrollment fee)
  3. Choose your account type as Wellness Advocate
  4. Checkout

    Consultant Orientation

    All Wellness Advocates (Consultants)  who enroll through the link above should schedule a complimentary orientation so we can help you get setup, answer any questions, and assist you building your business.

    Have questions?

    Contact us so we can help answer all your questions