Participate in an Essential Oil Study

Participate in an Essential Oil Study

What is an Essential Oil Study?

An essential oil study is a simple, cost free, at home way to try out doTERRA essential oils and products and measure your experience over about a 7-day period of time.

The studies are designed to help demonstrate and educate how natural alternatives can simply and effectively be used to care for our health.

Participants will need to:

  • Watch a short 15 min intro video about doTERRA essential oils and how to use them.
  • Fill out a brief participant questionnaire
  • Use the samples everyday of the study
  • Review your experience with a Study Coordinator

Participants will receive samples to use during the study (7 days), free of charge, that are based on a specific area of health.

At the end of the study, participants will meet again with their Study Coordinator to talk about their results and experience. Participants will be shown how they can best purchase the essential oils for their continued use.

Current Available Studies

Study Coordinator

Once you are accepted into a essential oil study, a Study Coordinator will contact you to:

  • Learn about your health goals
  • Explain the details of the study
  • Send you samples in the mail
  • Explain how to use the samples

During the study you'll record your experiences so that at the end you can review and discuss them with your Study Coordinator.

Your Study Coordinator will send you additional education material as needed throughout the study.

Any questions or concerns will be handled by the Study Coordinator. Hablamos español tambien!

Ready to Participate?


Watch this 15 minute intro video about the basics of doTERRA essential oils. This will help you become familiar with the products, their uses and why only doTERRA products are being used in this study. Class worksheet.


Fill out the Participant Questionnaire below and agree to the terms and conditions.

Participant Questionnaire