doTERRA Deep Blue Rub Reviews and Testimonials

doTERRA Deep Blue Rub Reviews and Testimonials

doTERRA Deep Blue Rub is a topical cream formulated with Deep Blue Soothing Blend of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, natural plant extracts, and additional helpful ingredients that provides a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to problem areas.


doTERRA Deep Blue Rub is a rich, topical cream infused with the Deep Blue Soothing Blend of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. Formulated with a proprietary blend of natural plant extracts and other powerful ingredients, Deep Blue Rub provides a comforting sensation of cooling and warmth to problem areas.

Made with doTERRA's top-selling Deep Blue essential oil blend of Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Osmanthus, Deep Blue Rub is an essential addition to your bathroom cabinet and gym bag. Deep Blue Rub is blended in a base of moisturizing emollients that leave your skin feeling soft and not greasy. It is the choice of massage therapists and sports practitioners who currently use doTERRA's Deep Blue proprietary blend in their practice.

Primary Benefits

  • Formulated with the Deep Blue proprietary blend of essential oils and other powerful ingredients
  • Perfect for the athlete in your life, Deep Blue Rub is blended in a base of moisturizing emollients that leaves your skin soft and non-greasy
  • Provides a cooling and soothing sensation to targeted areas

Reviews and Testimonials

  1. This is miracle cream for anyone who deals with muscle aches, soreness, discomfort or tension.. It works pretty much instantly and does the hot and cold thing, without the chemicals of other icy hot products. I suffered from severe issues before having jaw surgery and this is the only thing that helped me besides getting deep tissue massages every three weeks. I always keep this in the house and give it as gifts to anyone who deals with similiar things. You have to try it to believe it! - Ana
  2. I am 48 & have multiple issues with my discs & hip. doTERRA Deep Blue Rub has been a lifesaver for me! I use it at least three times a day to help bring relief & increase mobility so I can work & function in daily activities. It smells great & works amazingly well compared to other over the counter medicated rubs. When I use it, I feel so much better, In conjunction with stretching, yoga & light exercise. I would highly recommend it! - Lynn
  3. I highly recommend this for muscle, general aches and especially head tension. I put it on my neck and it’s cooling and effective. This is definitely my go-to. - Nat
  4. I love this so much that I bought a few tubes and leave one at work and one in my gym bag! It works into sore muscles and soothes them quickly. Favorite way to use this is on my belly over a monthly blend (geranium, clary sage, peppermint, ylang-ylang) for those pesky monthly ailments. - Sheri
  5. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I get really bad cramps and this is the only thing that helps me. Rubbing this on my lower abdomen helps soothe the discomfort. If you put more on it kinda "burns" but in a good, warming way. It takes your mind off the discomfort from cramps. The smell is like wintergreen mints. I love how natural it is. - Emily
  6. I have f.m. and the DoTerra Deep Blue Rub helps with my achy joints and muscles perfectly. It has a sweet spearmint smell and you only need a little bit at a time. - Melissa
  7. This is a game-changer. Sore muscles, aches, and joint discomfort but you don’t want to take non natural stuff? This will help you in so many ways. It doesn’t take much and you rub into the will feel relief! - Farah
  8. This is perfect if you are in a sport and you get injured. It’s like icy hot, it has a soothing feel. Within a minute, your discomfort is way less to none. It’s honestly worth the price. I definitely recommend - Kaylee
  9. This rub is everything! Ran a half marathon last month and it saved me. Minimal soreness the next day and my muscles felt much more relaxed. Cooling sensation combined with a great scent, non-greasy... perfect!! -Ashlyn
  10. I cannot use anything else! I love that it is safe for pregnancy and I can trust the purity of the natural ingredients in it, as doTERRA is SO transparent about their purity and sourcing !!! - Maron

    doTERRA Deep Blue Rub

  11. I was skeptical this would work as I love Voltaren but I was pleasantly surprised at how effective it was on my sore neck! Smells amazing too. I love trying the natural option. - Julie
  12. This stuff is a godsend after a tough workout! It soaks in and relaxes my muscles better than anything else I’ve tried. - Micaela
  13. DoTerra Deep Blue Rub is amazing! A little bit goes a long way and it soothes my aches. After a big day of skiing, I rub some on my sore muscles, sit back and start to feel the relief. I also use it on my feet for relief from policeman's heel. - Christa
  14. This is the best thing to ever come into my life. I suffer from chronic everything and with very little, it takes my aches away. And knowing it’s natural helps a lot. - Tanya
  15. It's amazing what Deep Blue has done for me. I have arthitis and f.m. and have had rotator cuff surgery, and this stuff calms the aches enough for me to sleep thru the night. - Arlene
  16. This product is everything. doTERRA's deep blue rub is one of the things that got me through my last pregnancy! With all of my sore muscles and body aches. This was such a lifesaver! - Chelsea
  17. I have tried a lot of different products to help with my back and hip aches after having kids and this is THE ONLY one that has helped me! - Kylee
  18. I have had issues with my back and neck due to a car accident and I suffer from head aches. That being said, I woke up the other morning in so much agony. I had a bad head aches and my neck and shoulders were super tight. I rubbed this on and within a few minutes, the pain started to be relieved. - Jacqueline
  19. This is by far my FAVORITE cream to use for achy, sore, joints and muscles! Once you apply it, you instantly feel the cream penetrating to your muscles/joints. It seriously works instantly and lasts quite a while too. I typically only apply once or twice a day depending on how sore I am. In my opinion, I think it beats out tiger balm and icy hot - Maria
  20. This is such a lifesaver. It has a great heating and cooling sensation that gets into your muscles and helps them relax after you've worked out too hard, or slept wrong,t. Love it - 10/10 would highly recommend. - Heather

    doTERRA Deep Blue Rub

  21. I love this blend as a way to soothe my sore muscles after a good workout or relieve tension in my neck after a long day at the computer. I also feel good about using it because of the natural ingredients it was made with. - Ange
  22. I use it for head throbbing and restless leg issues and my mom uses it for chronic aches. - Sarah
  23. Put it on my legs at night to help with circulation..less likely to have cramps. Also for headaches, that time of the month and when my neck is bothering me. - Katherine
  24. Let me count the ways...after a long day on the computer on my wrists and hands; feet, ankles and lower calves after a long training session in a store; shoulders and back of the neck after a workout; lower back; when sciatica decides to rear its ugly head... I feel like it's my go-to! And when my partner says he's got an ache I just hand him the tube. - Lisa
  25. Deep Blue Rub has been a savior for my headaches for over a year compared to Advil which rarely worked. - Nancy
  26. I hurt my knee and was 'eating' Tylenol and Advil just to give me a little bit of relief. Started Deep Blue. Not one med in almost 4 months now. - Susan
  27. I have been having a lot of problems with aching feet, my right one especially. I applied deep blue and peppermint and I can feel it working right away! So much better than Advil or Tylenol! - Sherry
  28. I love deep blue rub for arthrits in my knees. It takes the pain away and makes my day more bearable. It's a definite must to take everywhere I go! - Denean
  29. I use Deep Blue on my shoulders when I have a headache - a very little bit goes a long way! - Natalie
  30. I suffer from shoulder/arm pain. Last night I rubbed deep blue into my shoulder/arm then topped it off with the deep blue essential oil. I can't believe how awesome it worked!! - Kimberley
  31. Deep blue is awesome!! I also layer it with copaiba. Great pain relief!! - Rosalind
  32. I had been in pain for days, I don't honestly know why I held off applying deep blue oil but when I did, let me tell you, the next morning the pain was gone and hasn't returned since! It's been two weeks and only one application. - Jennifer
  33. This is my first menstrual cycle since ordering my deep blue and OMG!!! Where has it been my whole life?! I could tell the minute I opened it, my body needed it. Rubbed some on my lower back & wrists & have been occasionally just taking a deep breath in over the open bottle.... within a matter of minutes my entire achy irritable persona changed. I got off the couch, felt better, made dinner and I am in love. I feel so so much better! - Lillian

    doTERRA Deep Blue Rub

  34. I am new to using oils. My fiance thought I was joking how great the Deep Blue works. I finally got him to let me use some on him. I had to leave for work so I called him to check in and he told me "what's in that? Because it feels like you just dropped an aspirin on my back. This stuff rocks!" - Kelly
  35. Deep Blue is the oil that convinced my fiancee the oils were not bogus! He is a heavy mechanic so it does WONDERS for his sore achy muscles after work! - Allie
  36. I absolutely love this product. This is a must-have in every household. Any muscle ache, joint pain, cramps, anything that hurts you rub this on and you can immediately feel it go deep and penetrate into your muscles. This blows Icey hot, and tiger balm out of the waters plus it is all-natural so no major chemicals. I bought many bottles of these and a little goes a long way. My father in law also has gout and arthritis and this helps him a lot. Brings him much comfort through his many days and nights of pain. - Tara
  37. I absolutely love this product!!! :) I didn't believe that these products would work well but lately, I've been getting a lot of headaches from the knots in my neck. I use this on my neck and temples and it does help quickly. I hate having to take medicine so often so this has been a healthy and easy alternative - Brittany
  38. 10/10 would recommend! My husband plays football and was having major (almost career-ending) pain in his hamstring. After only a week of massaging deep blue into his hamstring morning and night, he was back to full function - Sydney
  39. I bought two as gifts - one for my dad who is an avid runner and one for my boyfriend who suffers from back pain following surgery. Both of them told me this stuff works really well and eased their pain in both of their situations. It also has a pleasant smell that isn't too powerful or offensive. They both suggest rubbing it in at night before bed, you'll wake up feeling much better the next day. - Angela
  40. I use this after long cardio sessions and yoga classes. It really relaxes and helps my back. My boyfriend also has arthritis in his knees and this helps the pain A LOT! - Lydia
  41. Doterra deep blue rub has been amazing. I get very stiff shoulders from doing martial arts and sometimes I get banged up pretty good. Once this gets applied to the area in question, I find almost instant relief. I couldn't recommend it more for anyone who has achy muscles. - James
  42. As someone who suffers from chronic back pains and doesn’t like to take medications, this is a very good pain reliever. I love that it’s pretty much natural and has essential oils - Stefanie

    doTERRA Deep Blue Rub

  43. This rub is my absolute favorite. I use it for back pain, and especially for leg cramps when pregnant. It is the only thing I found that helps relieve the tension in my neck and shoulders that often causes headsaches. I will never be without this product in my home. - C.O.
  44. This stuff is seriously amazing. I may be a little biased because I swear by DoTerra, but this has helped so many people in my family when it comes to joint and muscle pain. Men seem to be stubborn when it comes to these types of things, but the men in my family are now obsessed with using Deep Blue Rub - Courtney
  45. It is one topical that truly worked for me!!! I would highly recommend this for anyone who suffers from muscle spasms, or chronic muscle aches an. It works well for any overworked muscles groups.- Issa
  46. If I could give this more than five stars I would. This stuff is amazing. It is like icy hot on crack. The smell isn't super aggressive and it soaks in and gets deep into things and relieves it. - Kim
  47. This is my go-to any time I overdo it and have a stiff back or neck. It works amazingly well to soothe sore muscles and its natural! My dad who has had multiple back surgeries uses this to relieve his temporary aches and pains as well. Natural Ben Gay. Love it! - Abby
  48. I swear by this stuff! Not only is it an all-natural product with wonderful essential oils in it, it actually works! This helps me when I am having horrible leg cramps and back aches. - Sophie
  49. This product is a must-have in active households. With 3 kids in competitive sports, we carry Deep Blue everywhere with us. We used to be die-hard fans of Biofreeze, but this product works so much better. It's instantaneous. - B. Tree
  50. We use this at my work for massage therapy and the results are amazing! Clients always call a few days later and say they really felt so much better comfort wise than compared to just a plain massage. Healthy, natural alternative for relief! Definitely recommend. - Andrea

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