What's a doTERRA BOGO Box?


A doTERRA BOGO box is a convenient way to participate in BOGO promotions because it allows the customer to purchase all BOGOs ahead of time with one order and paying for shipping only once.

No need to be checking the BOGO deals each day and worrying if you're going to be able to get them before supplies or time runs out. Purchasing the BOGO box 100% guarantees you'll receive all the deals, so just sit back and relax. Get everything with one click.

Do I have to purchase a BOGO box?

  • No, you can always shop each BOGO day by day as you wish

If I but the BOGO box, can I still shop for more BOGO's each day if I like that particular deal?

  • Yes, buying the BOGO box does not limit you from participating in the daily BOGO's too.

Is there a limit on how many BOGO boxes I can buy?

  • Yes, usually doTERRA will limit you to two.

What are the mystery oils?

  • Each BOGO box will contain a certain number of mystery oils. These are the essential oils you will be receiving for free with your Buy One Get One box (BOGO Box).
  • Even though you purchase the BOGO Box at the beginning of the BOGO week, you won't find out what the mystery oils are until doTERRA reveals them. Usually they are revealed day by day as the BOGO weeks occurs.

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