What is a doTERRA BOGO Box?


A doTERRA BOGO box is a convenient way to participate in "BOGO week" because it allows you to purchase all the upcoming BOGO offers ahead of time with one order.

Don't waste time and money buying the BOGO daily deals one by one, just get the box and be done!


How much is shipping and tax?

  • Shipping is free and tax is included.

Do I have to purchase a BOGO box?

  • No, you can always shop each BOGO day by day as you wish

    Can I buy more than one BOGO box?

    • Yes, you can purchase up to 5

    What are the mystery products?

    • Each BOGO box contain "known" products and "mystery" products. Products are revealed during the week.

    How long is the BOGO Box available?

    • Available while supplies last.

    Where can I purchase a BOGO Box?

    Do I have to be a doTERRA member to buy the box?

    • No, you don't have to be a member. In fact, a free membership will come with the box if you are not already a member.