About Us

We were the organic, all-natural, no high fructose corn syrup, don't use the microwave family on the block, but when it came to health care, we fumbled along, looking for common sense natural solutions.

In 2009, doTERRA essential oils entered our life. When we received our first bottles from a friend, we had no idea what to do with them, so we just put them up in a cupboard and forgot about them. Don't do what we did! LOL.

Well, that one day finally arrived when everything changed. Our 2 year old daughter become very ill. She had a high fever for days, wasn't eating, and had a hard time breathing during the day and at night. As parents, we were desperate for help.

We had taken her to the ER a couple times and the medication and treatments they were giving her were not helping. The recommendations were starting to become more and more serious, and we weren't sure we wanted to go down that route.

We wanted an alternative. There had to be more we can do for her naturally, at home! The phone rang and it was the friend who gave us the essential oils originally. She started to teach us the amazing things they can do and how to start applying them for our daughter that night.

It turned out to be the best call we ever received.

The next morning, after diffusing and applying the oils on our daughter multiple times throughout the night her fever had broke, her breathing was getting better, she sleep more than she had for several days, and she was eating again.

*Parents take a deep sigh

Fast forward. We use the oils every day and in every way. We share them, teach about them and help others get started using them. We are so happy and grateful for what doTERRA essential oils and their other products have provide for us and would love to share them with you.

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