doTERRA Yarrow | POM Collection

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Yarrow | POM Collection delivers a powerful three-layered approach to beauty inside out for healthy-looking skin and a youthful head-to-toe glow.


The Yarrow | POM trio of products were scientifically developed to work synergistically to provide powerful support to the skin and promote ageless radiance. Yarrow | POM Active Botanical Nutritive Duo activates skin-protecting proteins with the added benefit of promoting collagen production for young and healthy-looking skin. Yarrow | POM Cellular Beauty Complex combines clinically studied extracts and a powerful blend of CPTG essential oils to provide powerful antioxidant support for healthy, luminous skin from the inside. Yarrow | POM Body Renewal Serum is packed with powerful bioactive compounds and skin-protecting proteins that increase skin luminosity and promote the appearance of firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin. The Yarrow | POM trio is a fresh, revolutionary approach to beauty inside and out.


Collection Includes

 dōTERRA Yarrow Pom Yarrow | POM Blend 30 mL - Promotes collagen production and soothes the skin
Yarrow | POM Body Renewal Serum - Supports the skin’s natural barrier and revitalizes aging skin by promoting the appearance of bright, smooth, even skin

Yarrow | POM Cellular Beauty Complex Capsules - Improve skin firmness, reduce skin imperfections, and brighten complexion

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