What is Celery Seed Essential Oil?

Contributed by Dr. Damian Rodriquez, DHSc, MS

What Is Celery Seed Essential Oil?

A stalk of celery has a faint and almost indescribable scent, but other parts of the plant are powerfully aromatic. Steam distilled from the seed of the biennial Apium graveolens plant, Celery Seed essential oil has a distinct chemical composition, which imparts a sweet, earthy, and somewhat spicy aroma. Whether used aromatically, topically, or internally, Celery Seed essential provides a unique complement to your healthy lifestyle.

While most commonly associated with food flavoring—being one of the components of the “holy trinity” (mirepoix) flavor base used in French cuisine—celery has an older and much more interesting history.

It is mentioned extensively in Greek texts, specifically by Hippocrates, as a sacred herb, and Aulus Cornelius Celsus mentions the use of celery seeds for a variety of medicinal and therapeutic purposes in his Roman encyclopedia “De Medicina.” As it became more popular in European cuisine in the 18th and 19th centuries, the stalk and the seeds continued to be used for various digestive-supporting benefits. Today, science is beginning to discover that the essential oil derived from its seeds may have a number of health benefits.

What Makes Celery Seed Oil Unique?

Celery Seed essential oil shares many of the properties that citrus essential oils generally have: 

  1. An energizing aroma
  2. Surface cleansing properties
  3. May support healthy metabolism when taken internally

But that is where the similarities end. While it does have a pleasant, uplifting aroma, research suggests that the greatest potential of Celery Seed essential oil is derived from internal and topical use. In its whole Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade form, Celery Seed essential oil has been shown to: 

  1. Be powerfully antioxidant
  2. Support digestive function
  3. Have surface and internal cleansing properties

How Can I Use Celery Seed Oil?

There are numerous ways to integrate Celery Seed essential oil into your daily routine and take advantage of its energizing aroma, cleansing properties, and antioxidant support.

  • For a little twist to your daily regimen, try diffusing Celery Seed instead of Wild Orange first thing in the morning, to provide that boost you need to start your day.
  • Add 1–2 drops to your favorite stew, instead of celery stalks, for a dash of flavor and antioxidant support

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