Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsule

In the past, turmeric dietary supplements could only offer high concentrations of curcuminoids (botanical extract) or turmerones (essential oil). doTERRA didn’t want you to have to choose between benefits, so we developed a new solution called Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsules.

The doTERRA Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsule combines the essential oil and the extract, in a revolutionary new oral delivery system, which takes advantage of the best nature and modern science has to offer. The power of Turmeric resides in its concentration of two unique families of compounds, curcuminoids and turmerones.


Curcuminoids are active compounds that are found in turmeric extract. Human clinical research has shown that oral consumption of curcumin helps support the body’s internal antioxidant system. Other clinical research has provided evidence that ingesting curcumin can help soothe overworked muscles and help keep joints flexible and resilient due to its ability to support healthy inflammatory response. Curcumin provides amazing benefits for those dealing with the side effects of an active lifestyle, but bioavailability is a concern. In vivo studies have shown that it is particularly difficult to reach adequate levels of curcumin in the blood when it is ingested. To address this issue, most curcumin oral preparations are combined with other extracts (especially that of black pepper), but combining these extracts research has shown may increase the risk for toxicity. Despite all the benefits, without a good delivery system, ingestion of curcumin may actually be detrimental to health. That’s why the dual chamber capsule is so great, it provides an effective and safe way to experience the benefits of curcuminoids.


While curcuminoid molecules are too large to be volatilized during the steam distillation process and therefore should not exist in high quality Turmeric essential oil, Turmeric essential oil does contain other compounds that have beneficial properties. Turmerones are the most prominent volatile aromatic compounds contained within Turmeric essential oil, which has been shown in experimental research to support cellular, immune system, and nervous system function when taken internally. Most fascinating of all, experimental research suggests that when combined, Turmerone may increase the bioavailability of curcumin, allowing it to reach systemic circulation and exert its beneficial biological activities.

How to Use Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsules

The outer layer of the Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsule contains Turmeric root essential oil. The inner chamber contains turmeric extract. These capsules provide the most beneficial components of turmeric in a convenient oral delivery system that simultaneously improves bioavailability, up to 11 times greater.

To enjoy the benefits of the Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsules, try one of the following:


  1. Take two capsules per day, one with an afternoon meal and one with an evening meal, to provide the joint and connective tissue support you need for your active lifestyle.
  2. Take each morning with breakfast for antioxidant support.
  3. Include in your daily supplement regimen to support healthy cellular, immune system, and nervous system function.
  4. Take two capsules per day as part of your weight management efforts to support healthy metabolism.
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