Tamer Digestive Blend for Kids with Tummy Troubles

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The Tamer Digestive Blend was formulated specifically to ease the upset tummies of your children. The proprietary combination of digestive-supporting essential oils is provided in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil in an easy-to-use roll-on. Combining the best of historical use and modern science, Tamer is the perfect blend to ease motion sickness on road trips or calm feelings of stomach upset after a large meal.

What oils are in the blend?


Steam distilled from the Mentha spicata plant, Spearmint essential oil is one of the go-to’s for digestive support. The whole spearmint plant has been used for centuries in the Easter Mediterranean region and modern science is beginning to understand why. Along with being a pleasant minty aroma, clinical research has shown that inhalation of Spearmint may help to soothe feelings of nausea.

Japanese Peppermint

Tamer is the only doTERRA blend that contains Japanese peppermint essential oil. This rare essential oil has one of the highest concentrations of menthol. Clinical and experimental research have shown that topical application of menthol can sooth and cool the skin.


Ginger may be the essential oil most commonly associated with digestive support. While most of the research regarding the digestive support offered by ginger involves internal use, clinical research has shown that it can have a soothing effect when applied topically.

Black Pepper

Among its many digestive benefits, when applied topically, Black Pepper has been shown to have soothing properties.

Parsley Seed

Parsley is a foundational component of Chinese traditional medicine and has historically been used for a variety of digestive concerns. Parsley seed essential oil has a characteristically uplifting aroma.

How to Use Tamer Digestive Blend

As a more sensitive alternative to DigestZen, Tamer can be used topically in two specific ways:

  1. After a large meal or rich dessert, apply Tamer to the abdomen to ease discomfort.
  2. Before a long road trip, apply Tamer to the wrists, rub together, and inhale to minimize feelings of nausea.

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