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Pursuing peace and adapting to make the most of any season is all about being proactive with your mental well-being, and it’s easier and more scientifically validated than ever by focusing on mindfulness.

What Is Mindfulness?
Sounds simple—and it is in theory—but it’s difficult in practice. Being mindful means being present at an elevated level, being acutely aware of your environment and what you’re doing, while also being capable of responding to your surroundings. To some, this heightened level of awareness comes naturally, but in others it has to be developed. There are a number of best practices to cultivate your ability to be present.

1. Breathe: Being mindful begins with focusing your attention on the most fundamental activities of life. Breathing is innate, but doing so effectively isn’t. One of the first steps in improving mindfulness is to identify when you inhale and purposefully exhale. Focusing all your attention on the most basic of all human functions, breathing, can heighten your awareness of the present.

2. Meditate: Many methods of meditation exist, each with the end goal of reaching a composed and balanced state of mind. The key is to put yourself in an environment and position where concentration, observation, and awareness are the focus. Find a calm and quiet place to sit, set a time limit, keep your mind focused on your breathing, and be attentive to when and where your mind wanders.

3. Move: Mindfulness also encompasses the connection between the mind and the body. Combining heightened awareness with physical activity is one of the most effective ways of developing a stronger sense of self and promoting overall wellbeing. Yoga is essentially the state of connection between the mind and body, and clinical research has shown that regular yoga practice may help increase emotional and psychosocial quality of life. Focus on your breathing and the connection between your mind and your body as you transition between movements. Observe your feelings, and where your mind wanders, rather than reacting, as you complete each pose.

The Science behind Mindfulness
The scientific evaluation of the benefits stemming from mindfulness is one of the hottest areas of modern science. Depending on your research database, there were less than a dozen clinical trials evaluating mindfulness in 1997; according to PubMed, there are now nearly 500. The effects on psychological health are profound and currently widely researched. A 2019 review showed strong evidence of the benefits of mindfulness on markers of mental health and overall quality of life.

Interestingly, the evidence of physical health benefits is just as strong. A recent clinical study conducted at Harvard found that mindful meditation may induce potent gene expression, possibly helping modulate a healthy inflammatory response, healthy glucose metabolism, and even circadian rhythms. A 2016 review and meta-analysis of clinical trials regarding mindfulness as therapy for pain found evidence of positive benefits, with far lower risk for adverse events than alternative treatments.

Mindfulness is an extremely individual pursuit, but there are several things that can help you along the way. Recent surveys suggest that as much as a third of US adults have used a guided meditation mobile app. Clinical evidence shows that listening to music may help us shift into our neural default network and become more in tune with the present. Other clinical evidence suggests that regular supplementation with the neurotransmitter GABA, as in Adaptiv™ Capsules, may improve biomarkers of calmness. And, as recent clinical results have shown, the perfect complement to mindful meditation may be aromatic use of essential oils.

How can I incorporate Adaptiv into my mindfulness routine?
Adaptiv Calming Blend was specifically formulated to be your aromatic companion to daily life stressors. This proprietary combination of essential oils known for their calming properties provides the perfect aromatic complement to mindful actions. But the Adaptiv System isn’t limited to aromatic use of essential oils; Adaptiv Touch is ideal for topical application, Adaptiv Capsules provide dietary support, and the Adaptiv app makes developing your daily mindfulness routine easier than ever. The self-guided and intuitive app takes guessing out of your mindfulness journey by providing meditation exercises, guided sessions, biofeedback, and performance tracking. The app is designed to help you identify the stressors in your life and support you as you develop the right mindfulness skills to deal with them.

The Adaptiv System was designed specifically to assist you on your journey to heightened awareness. Breathe, meditate, and move toward lifelong mental and physical well-being.

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