Support Blood Sugar Naturally with Essential Oils

Because essential oils work at the cellular level, they have a great ability to support us in many different areas of our health. The body can readily use many of these compounds. Since ancient times, people have used essential oils in various ways, and some of their compounds have formed the basis of several Western medications.

The following routine may help support healthy blood sugar levels:

Blood Sugar and Essential Oils

Slim and Sassy Slim & Sassy, our proprietary metabolic blend, combines powerful essential oils known to promote a healthy metabolism when ingested. The flavorful blend of Slim & Sassy helps manage hunger throughout the day while supporting healthy metabolism and promoting a positive mood.


Coriander is an annual herb that grows three feet high and is very aromatic. Coriander seeds have been used for centuries to aid digestion and are still used today for this same benefit. Coriander has a high linalool content, which helps skin maintain complexion. Coriander can be soothing to the body.


Oregano is one of the most potent and powerful essential oils and has been used for centuries in traditional practices. The primary chemical components of Oregano is carvacrol, a phenol that possesses antioxidant properties when ingested.

Veggie Caps

Made specifically for you to customize your dietary supplement needs, Veggie Caps provide a convenient and healthy way to take dietary ingredients orally.

Balance Grounding Blend

doTERRA’s grounding blend, appropriately named doTERRA Balance, promotes tranquility while bringing harmony to the mind and body, and balance to the emotions.

How to Use the Oils

  • In one veggie capsule, put 8 drops Slim and Sassy, 4 drops Coriander, 1 drop Oregano. Swallow the capsule with water or food. Twice daily.
  • Rub 3 drops of Balance Grounding Blend of the bottom of each foot in the morning.
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