How to make a Degreaser with essential oils

How to make a Degreaser with essential oils

The stove top is often home to some of the biggest and toughest stains in the kitchen. Splatter from spaghetti sauce, leftover grease, and caked-on residue can quickly cover the stove top, leaving you to scrub away the grime.

For a clean stove in less than 20 minutes, try this essential oil degreaser DIY that uses doTERRA essential oils and other ingredients to leave you with a sparkling clean stove, cook pots, fry pans, pots and grills.

Not only will they look great once it is free from stains and grime, but this mixture leaves behind the uplifting, clean scent of essential oils.


  • 2 tbsp pure Castile soap
  • 15 drops Lemon essential oil
  • Distilled water
  • 8 oz glass spray bottle


  • Add the Lemon essential oil and Castile soap to the bottle and fill the rest with water through a funnel.
  • Shake well before each use.
  • This can be used on cook tops, fry pans, pots, grills, and so on.


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