doTERRA Price per Drop List 2021

doTERRA Price Per Drop

Knowing the price per drop of each doTERRA essential oil can be help if you are putting together make-and-take classes, selling the oils in smaller sample sizes, or for your own personal budgeting reasons.

How to Calculate the Price Per Drop

First, how many drops are in the bottle?

  • 15 mL = approximately 250 drops
  • 10 mL = approximately 167 drops
  • 5 mL = approximately 83 drops
  • 30 mL = approximately 500 drops

Second, what is the cost of the bottle? You'll need to decide whether you are going to use Retail or Wholesale pricing.

Third, divide the total cost for the bottle by the number of drops in that bottle.

Every Drop Counts

doTERRA essential oils are concentrated and potent. A little goes a long ways. When using the oils, here are some general rules of thumb you can follow.

  • 1-2 drops per topical application
  • 3-4 drops per diffuser cycle
  • 1-2 drops per internal use

When you look at the cost of doTERRA essential oils by drop, they are very affordable! You're paying just pennies per drop. 

Drop Variations

The amount of drops of essential oil in each bottle can vary between different plants. Some plants naturally produce a thicker (higher viscosity) oil, while others produce a thinner (lower viscosity) oil.

As you pour the oil out, the viscosity of the oil will affect how fast each drop comes out and how big the drop is before gravity takes over and pulls it away.

Download the doTERRA Price per Drop List

Download a price per drop .pdf list of all doTERRA single oils and blends. A handy tool to help you precisely calculate the cost of each drop at the retail and wholesale prices.

Download the doTERRA Price per Drop List 2021

List includes all new oils released October 2021.


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