doTERRA On Guard Uses and Benefits

As one of doTERRA’s most popular blends, doTERRA On Guard essential oil has incredible uses and benefits for both body and home. This protective blend can support respiratory function, antioxidant defenses, protect against seasonal threats, be an effective non-toxic cleaning agent, and help cleanse and purify the air. This blend has an energizing aroma that is warm and spicy.

The doTERRA Difference

doTERRA places strong emphasis on producing pure oils because they know that pure oils are strong and effective. When oils are impure or contaminated, like many oils on the market, the essential oils are weakened and are less likely to have a strong effect for specific needs. When individuals purchase products from doTERRA they can feel confident that the products they receive are pure and effective and ready to meet their needs.

On Guard Uses and Benefits

  1. Immune and Respiratory Function. Place 2-3 drops of On Guard in a Veggie Capsule and ingest. Or dilute one drop into four fluid ounces of liquid and drink. An effective alternative to synthetic options for immune support.
  2. Seasonal and Environmental Threats. When environmental or seasonal threats arise, take doTERRA On Guard oil daily in a capsule or place 1 drop in your palm and inhale for 2 minutes.
  3. Antioxidant Defense. Place one drop of doTERRA On Guard in four fluid ounces of liquid and drink, or put doTERRA On Guard in a Veggie Capsule and ingest. Or just take can easy to swallow On Guard+ Softgel.
  4. Diffuse. On Guard essential oil emits a warm, spicy, and woody aroma. Diffusing it will fill the air with its energizing and uplifting fragrance and can also cleanse and purify the air.
  5. Cleansing and Purifying. On Guard can be used to clean household surfaces. For a natural and nontoxic cleaner, add a couple drops of doTERRA On Guard essential oil to a spray bottle filled with water and use it as an effective all-purpose surface cleaner. A fragrant, natural, way to clean.
  6. Afternoon Snack. For a tasty and nutritious snack, slice up an apple and put the slices in water. Add a few drops of doTERRA On Guard essential oil to the water with the apples in it, and let the apples soak. After a couple of minutes, take the apples out of the water and enjoy a healthy, immune-boosting snack that will satisfy your afternoon craving and benefit your body.
  7. DIY Potpourri. Simply collect your favorite spices and herbs in a dish of your choosing and then add a few drops of doTERRA On Guard for an uplifting and purifying aroma.
  8. Hand Cleanser. Simply, combine a few drops of doTERRA On Guard essential oil with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil and rub it on your hands and fingers for a natural hand cleanser.
  9. Feet. Rub doTERRA On Guard on the bottom of a child’s feet during the school season to powerfully boost their immune system. Try an On Guard Roll-on to make this really easy.
  10. Drink It Up. Add On Guard oil to your favorite smoothies, teas, or beverages.
  11. Classroom or Work. In a classroom setting, at work, or at home, place 3-4 drops of On Guard in a diffuser to emit an uplifting scent that will help purify the air. Diffuse On Guard especially during the fall and winter months.

The doTERRA On Guard Family of Products

Due to its versatility, doTERRA has expanded the vision of the On Guard essential oil with a collection of products, which has enabled more at-home and on-the-go uses. Discover the renowned doTERRA On Guard product line!

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