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Shopping doTERRA Products

You can shop doTERRA products two ways. Retail or Wholesale.

Retail: If you just want to try doTERRA products out for the first time, this is a great option. Retail prices represent the highest prices of doTERRA products. Shop all doTERRA products at retail price at Home Essential Oils. They also provide free shipping, fast delivery and no tax

Wholesale: If you want to pay the lowest price for doTERRA products you should set up your doTERRA membership. Much like Costco, there is a one-time membership fee, but then after that you can shop any time. There are no obligations or requirements. Membership fee can be waived if you purchase a starter kit or 150 PV or more in products with your membership setup. Start a doTERRA Wholesale Membership


doTERRA Membership

Become a doTERRA wholesale member. Shop directly from and save 25% off retail on all products, all the time. Enjoy many other membership perks like the Loyalty Rewards Program. There are no obligations or requirements, shop any time.


doTERRA Business Opportunity

Any one can build a doTERRA business by selling the products and enrolling others. doTERRA offers two types of business opportunities (comp plans). A Wellness Advocate (Consultant) and an Affiliate.

How to become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate (Consultant)

  1. Start a doTERRA Membership
  2. Choose any products or kit you wish with your membership setup (The purchase of any starter kit or 150 PV in products waives the membership fee)
  3. Choose your account type as Wellness Advocate
  4. Checkout

    How to become a doTERRA Affiliate

    Follow the same steps as a Wellness Advocate, but then fill out the form on the bottom of this page to request to be upgraded to an Affiliate.


    After enrolled, you'll be able to immediately start promoting doTERRA products and building your doTERRA business. You'll be given a free business website that customers can shop and enroll through you. doTERRA takes care of all the shipping and customer service and sends you a check (direct deposit) for each enrollment and order your customers place.

    All Wellness Advocates and Affiliates who enroll through the link above can schedule a complimentary orientation to help you get started.


    Get Assistance

    If you need help with any thing else, please contact us.


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