doTERRA Mexican Cuisine Blend

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Creating a splendid dinner table is your thing. Whether it’s a rustic Tuscan celebration for the family, a Mexican fiesta with close friends, or a tropical tiki party for the whole neighborhood, you’ve got this. doTERRA can help with a quick, easy way to add vibrant flavor to your favorite recipes.


We’ve infused aromatic avocado oil with the tempting flavors of Mexico using CPTG® Lime, Cumin, Black Pepper, Cilantro, and Marjoram essential oil for delectable taste and consistency. Enjoy the blend in all kinds of dishes including tacos and fajitas.


Cuisine Blend Collection Cookbook


  • Add 5 to 10 drops to sauces, dips or marinades.


  • Avocado Oil, Lime Oil, Cumin Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Cilantro Oil, Marjoram Oil


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